Exclusive Interview with 'Jericho' Star Brad Beyer
Exclusive Interview with 'Jericho' Star Brad Beyer
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Stanley Richmond may not be Jericho's smartest resident, but he's arguably the most loyal. Played by Brad Beyer, Stanley is a beacon of heartland values. He's always there for childhood friend Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich), he's devoted to taking care of his sister Bonnie (Shoshannah Stern) and he's a fool in love with Mimi Clark (Alicia Coppola).

BuddyTV spoke with Brad Beyer in anticipation of the triumphant return of Jericho for a second season tomorrow night at 10pm on CBS. Beyer spoke about the cast's appreciation for the fans, the possibility of a third season, and how he thinks these next seven episodes are the best Jericho has yet to produce. Continue reading for a full transcript of our interview as well as the mp3 audio file.

Hi, this is John at BuddyTV, and I'm talking to Brad Beyer, one of the stars of CBS' show Jericho. Hi Brad.

Hey, how are you doing?

I'm doing good, how are you?

Doing good.

Good to hear. Now season 2 of Jericho, what was the mood like when you were filming this on the set, having come back resurrected? What was the mood of the cast and of you?

Well, you can't imagine how excited everybody was to come back to a job we thought, for awhile, was gone. To actually have a show get canceled and then brought back is pretty unbelievable. It usually never happens. When your show gets canceled it's usually canceled, it's pretty much done. But thanks to the great fans of Jericho who watched the show, everybody just sort of came together and got it back. So when we showed up on set we were all very excited and appreciative of having our jobs back.

The second season is wrapped, it's been done filming for awhile. Now that the show is finally coming back to the air, is it still fresh in your mind or do you have to get back into a Jericho kind of mind set?

No, I think all of us have been anxiously waiting for the show to come on. I think we're all sort of really excited for these next seven episodes. I think we all feel that they're the best work we've ever done, so we're very, very excited about it being back on.

With Stanley, we see the two aspects of his life, where he'll be with Jake in the bunkers fighting the war, then he'll go home to take care of his sister and have his romance with Mimi. Do you prefer playing one of those? Do you see Stanley as more of a fighter or a lover, or how does that work?

Well, I think he's equally both. His relationship with Jake, Jake has been his best friend since he was a kid. They grew up together, and I think he stands by Jake with whatever he needs him for. His relationship with his sister and his girlfriend, they're all very important relationships to him. I think they're all pretty much equal.

Moving forward with the Mimi relationship, at the end of last season Stanley says he's going to propose to that girl. Where does that relationship go in the second season?

Well, it definitely keeps evolving. There's all kinds of twists and turns that happen in the second season, there's things that I can't talk about right now. But I can really say that, especially with Stanley's character, there's a lot of changes that occur throughout the season.

Are there going to be any sort of obstacles to that relationship that you're going to have to overcome?

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Are there going to be other women? I don't know what you can say about it.

No, no, it's nothing like that. Things happen in the town, and there's a couple things that happen within Jericho that sort of change Stanley's view on some things. I think it'll be really interesting to see where it goes.

Speaking of Stanley's sister, Bonnie, played by Shoshannah Stern, did you know sign language before getting on the show? Stanley is very fluent in it.

No, all that sign language stuff that's done on the show, it's Shoshannah. She has an interpreter, a really great guy by the name of Ramon, who helps me with that. We sort of go over it, we get the script, we get the material, we sort of go over it. Hopefully we get a week before we start shooting where we're actually looking at the script and working on the sign language. Shoshannah has been amazing in helping me learn sort of on the fly. The way I feel works best for me is the closer we are, I just kind of like to do it as we go. For me, that's the way it feels the most real.

You talked earlier about the fans and how important they were and how devoted they were. Are there any crazy fan stories that you have, where you've just had weird interactions with some of these very devoted Jericho fans?

No, you know I have to say, honestly, I've gotten the chance to meet some of them and they're really great people. They're very excited and enthusiastic about the show. I can't say that any of it has really been that weird. They're just very hardcore about the show and they love it, and they're the reason we're back, so I have nothing but appreciation for them actually.

With the second season, we've already heard that the writers wrote and actually filmed two different endings. One to sort of serve as closure, and one to leave it as open. Is there any more word on the chances or the likelihood of a third season coming, or are you just taking this as the end?

No, I think we're all hoping for a third season, but it's sort of out of our hands now. We made the best seven episodes possible, and I think now it's up to people to tune in to watch the show, to get hooked on the show. I think it's a pretty special show for it to get canceled and brought back the way it was. I think it's something to pay attention to. No, I think we're all very hopeful for a season 3. I think there's a lot of stories yet to be told, and I think we're all hopeful that's gonna happen.

And CBS almost has to be careful, because they know what happens when they cancel Jericho. If they cancel it a second time, who knows what will happen.

You know, one of the things we do have going for us right now is that, because of the strike, there's isn't a lot of brand new television on. There's no new programming, so we are one of the only new shows on television. Hopefully we're going to be up against reruns of Boston Legal and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. We're hoping that's going to bode well for us and that people are going to watch, and Jericho can come back and be strong and we'll come back for a whole season 3.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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