Bonnie Richmond
Bonnie Richmond

Shoshannah Stern as Bonnie Richmond

Bonnie Richmond is played by Shoshannah Stern in the CBS series, Jericho. A volunteer at the Medical Center since the age of 16, Bonnie lost her sense of hearing when she got into a car accident that also killed her parents. She learned how to communicate through reading lips and sign language, and since then has become quite detached from the people in her community. Being deaf has also caused her to come off as standoffish and stuck up, but in reality, she is a hardworking and independent woman who runs the family farm with her brother, Stanley.

Shortly before the nuclear attacks in the town of Jericho, an IRS agent named Mimi Clark visited the Richmond farm to assess its value. She discovered that the family owed thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes, thus placed a strain on the siblings. Later in the day, the nuclear attacks occurred and Stanley and Bonnie took refuge in their farmhouse.

The next day, Stanley went out to check on his livestock and two escaped prisoners posing as sheriff's deputies, unwittingly led by Emily Sullivan, entered the farm and took Bonnie hostage. Luckily, the town mayor's son, Jake Green, passed by to visit his friend, Stanley, and confronted the escaped convicts. He saved Bonnie and Emily by shooting one of the men dead. They then took refuge in the farm's storm cellar as a fallout-laden shower covered the town.

When the storm faded, Stanley ran into Mimi at the Medical Center. She feared that she was infected by the radioactive rainfall, and he assured her that she was going to be alright. The two later fell in love, much to Bonnie's chagrin. Bonnie grew jealous of the attention her brother had given Mimi, and in return, she started dating Sean Henthorn, who stayed with her at the Richmond farm while Stanley was away in New Bern.