Casting Bits: 'The Mentalist' Gets Farr, Rinna Returns to 'Days of Our Lives', Plus Guest Stars Galore
More stars are getting cast for more shows. Some of them are new, others are returning, and one of them is leaving for good. Read on to find out who we're talking about:

Four for The Mentalist: In season 4 of the hit CBS series, Diane Farr will be portraying a woman named Amy. She's the owner of a small winery in North California and it's all about business for her. 

TV Line also reports the appearance of actress Bonnie Somerville, who'll be playing Amy's friend and business partner. Worse, she's the one accused of murdering the neighbor of a lady played by Kathryn Joosten. Additionally, one more guest for this February episode is James Frain from True Blood. No details on his character yet though.

Ed Asner Gets Hot In Cleveland: After news of his return to Hawaii Five-0 comes this new gig. Apparently, he's slated to reunite with his Mary Tyler Moore co-star Betty White! 

According to EW, filming begins this February and will air with next summer's batch of new episodes. Asner has been tapped to play a man called Jameson Lyons, the president of a Cleveland country club. Seems like Betty White's Elka has something of a past with this man, and we don't just mean their time on the small screen together.

Lisa Rinna is Reed Once More: For those who still stay tuned to Days of Our Lives, Reed's back! According to The Hollywood Reporter, former reality star Lisa Rinna has been officially made a contract player and will return to the show next year. Her first episode is scheduled to air March 8, and the network is teasing some "explosive" scenes that you might want to watch out for.

Pair of Kings Minus One: From his Hannah Montana gig to this other lesser known series, actor Mitchel Musso has announced that he's ready to move on. TMZ reports that the 20-year-old is eyeing more adult projects, but not before he wraps up Pair of Kings. This comes after the news that he pleaded guilty to a DUI arrest last October.

New Guest Stars for USA Network: With the finales for Psych and Burn Notice coming up, the roster of actors coming in is getting pretty long. 

Psych: "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat"
  • Tony Hale - will cross paths with Shawn and Juliet as the owner of an imports/exports business [EW]
  • Jason Priestley - playing Clive, an eccentric con man with a "job" at the spa resort where Shawn and Juliet are staying [EW]
  • Jennifer Finnigan - as Barbie, a con woman and partner to Jason Priestley's Harley-riding character [TV Line
  • Arden Myrin - no details yet, but catch this promo from USA Network

Burn Notice:  
  • Jere Burns - returning as Anson Fullerton, and possibly next season's Big Bad [TV Line
  • Lauren Stamile - playing the brilliant Kim Pearce, a CIA operative asking Michael for help on a case without knowing he may be involved [TV Line] 
  • Dean Cain, Eric Roberts, Kristanna Loken - details on their characters here, with your first sneak peek here [ET Online]

We told you there were lots of stars lined up. Be sure to watch out for all of them next year!

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