'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Cliffhanger Leaves Results of Latest Leg in Limbo
'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Cliffhanger Leaves Results of Latest Leg in Limbo
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, the seventh leg casts a dark shadow over half the groups racing through Russia. Two teams find themselves extremely behind when they miss a flight, and one group's future is in jeopardy when they lose their belongings.

A Costly Delay

Just when I've fully believed Ryan and Abbie have nothing but evil in their hearts, they have changed my mind. In the face of true adversity -- finishing second rather than first doesn't count -- their true colors shine through.

When they're the only team to consult the Internet in order to book their flight to Moscow, I found that to be a pretty smart move. They, along with the goat farmers, take off to Moscow through Frankfurt. Texas and the twins team up and take the route that stops in Munich. James and Abba and the Chippendales fly to Moscow via Amsterdam.

The flight through Frankfurt has a delay -- and unfortunately, it's long enough to eat up the entire layover, leaving Abbie and Ryan and the goat farmers far behind the rest of the group. Far, far behind.

While camping out at the Warsaw airport, it's Ryan's suggestion to everyone that they do the leg as a team because there's no point in racing. I'm quite impressed because if a team has to hustle not to finish last and possibly get eliminated, it's now. But these four make a pact. Race together, finish together. I'm still a bit wary that they'll actually finish the crossing line as a group. 

Wacky Waters

The teams moving through the streets of Moscow to find Ivan the Terrible Guard. The twins, Texas and the Chips have come together and walk the path. They're so happy they might as well be skipping. 

From there, there's a detour. The teams have to either do a synchronized swimming routine or find four Russian books at the library. James and Abba head for the books with Texas behind them, while the Chips and twins decide to hit the waters.

At the library, the endless rows of card catalogs are too overwhelming for James and Abba, since the knowledge of the alphabet is of no use at all trying to decipher the Russian alphabet. One of them says he'd rather drown, referring to the swimming task.

Meanwhile, the pool brings endless laughter with the Chips, who wear little bow ties. The Russian swimmers can't contain their laughter as these two grown men try to learn the dance moves. They seem to pick up on the moves rather quickly, but their timing is all off.

The twins have found themselves behind when they can't hail a cab for about an hour, which the Chips have no trouble doing.

Changing their Decisions

At the library, the foreign alphabet becomes too much for James and Abba, and they decide to head to the pool instead. I don't think this is a good idea at all because they're not even in good physical health. It looks like they're giving up a little too quickly. It doesn't help that Texas seems to go through the catalog to find the books with relative ease. Did they just really luck out, or were they more patient and took more time trying to find the matching characters?

Back at the pool, the twins have finally arrived. Their coach doesn't know any English, and they move to get dressed and use their express pass. The Chippendales encourage them not to, saying it's a waste of a pass, which is absolutely true. The twins have changed their mind and decide to give the swim routine another go.

Meanwhile, Texas has found all their books and are off to find the Trees of Love. With a few weddings going on around them, one of them has to unlock a string of 10 locks for their next clue. The challenge is the ring of keys and finding the right one.

The Chips, having successfully completed their routine after several tries, make it to the trees, where Trey has unlocked two locks. Then the twins finish their routine. Trey has four more to go when James and Abba arrive at the pool, and the main coach says in Russian she's already afraid.

More Bad Luck

Trey unlocks the final clue that leads Texas to a historic theatre for the pit stop, and for the second week in a row, they finish first and win a trip to Maui. And for the first time, I think they realize how strong of a team they are. 

Back at the pool, James and Abba are unsurprisingly terrible and out of sync. With Abbie and Ryan and the farmers finally landing in Moscow, I actually wouldn't be surprised if they catch up to James and Abba at this point. They say they've done the routine 10 times.

The Chippendales come in second, which has to be a good boost of confidence, since they've flirted with getting eliminated.

The final four have no choice but to do the swim routine because the library is about to close. Abbie and Ryan complete the routine rather quickly, but the goat farmers are struggling with swimming, and I can't even tell if they can fully finish swimming the routine, let alone doing it in sync.

The twins come in third, and they're unhappy because they feel they were terrible during the leg.

James and Abba actually get the routine down pat! Unfortunately, when they arrive at the trees of love, they realize they've left their gear in the taxi. They've lost everything. While it seems to be that they've had some bad luck, it's on them for their carelessness.

Too Many Unknowns

James and Abba eventually arrive at the pit stop. But in order to continue on, they must have their passports, since it's a requirement. How are they to find the one cab that has their belongings in a city as big as Moscow?

Abbie and Ryan have completed their swim routine but keep their promise in waiting for the goat farmers. We're left with a lot of unfinished business, setting up quite the entertaining next episode.

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