Bachelor Pad's Jaclyn Swartz: 'Partnerships and Couplings Will All Change'
Bachelor Pad's Jaclyn Swartz: 'Partnerships and Couplings Will All Change'
In next week's Bachelor Pad episode, expect the Chris/Blakeley/Jamie drama to get a bit more crowded when Sarah catches the eye of the Bachelor Pad's ladies' man.

"You'll see things completely blow up. I was so happy not to be part of that," Jaclyn Swartz said in a conference call with the media today. She also discussed the Ed/Reid debacle, and becoming friends with someone she did not expect.

Here are highlights from Jaclyn's interview:

On her budding friendship with Blakeley:

Of all the people in the house, Blakeley surprised her the most. Jaclyn wasn't happy -- at all -- to see Blakeley enter the house and wanted her out right away, but they actually forged a friendship.

"I saw a side of her that I had never seen before. Blakeley led me to believe she's trustworthy, so our friendship took a turn for the better."

On her partnership with Ed:

The two of them becoming partners pretty much happened by default. But as the weeks go on, they continue to click because their personalities work well together. "At this point, I'm already starting to trust Ed a lot," she said.

Jaclyn admitted, however, that she had her eye on Chris and Kalon first as possible partners.

"I feel like I had some backup plans that maybe weren't shown."

On her feelings toward Reid, who tried to get Ed out:

Jaclyn said her anger toward Reid for plotting behind Ed's back was real. She said people have been calling her a hypocrite, saying what she did to Blakeley was the same thing, however they (Blakeley and Jaclyn) were actually on the same side.

Jaclyn made a point to say that both she and Ed thought Reid was on their side. "I thought the whole way he went about it was very sneaky. I think it was more sad to see because Ed is clearly sensitive. Seeing what the game did to Reid was pretty unfortunate."

Had Reid successfully gotten Ed out of the game, Jaclyn said she was absolutely certain she would be the next to go because of her strong personality, which leads people to automatically assume she's part of a pack.

On her thoughts on Chris/Blakeley/Jamie drama:

Jaclyn was shocked to see everything that happened -- that Chris and Blakeley kissed, and that Chris was leading Jamie on so hard. Jaclyn alluded to another girl who becomes interested in Chris and called it a "love square." Previews for the episode show that it's Sarah Newlon who might complete the square.

"He's like juggling these girls, and they're still coming back for more," she said.

On all the partnerships moving forward:

Jaclyn said "partnerships and couplings will all change." And starting next week, the couples start going on one-on-one dates, so it's crucial that people in the house start picking partners they actually want to go on a date with.

"Right now it's been musical chairs. And soon, it's going to be game time. And the girls are going to be offended, and people are going to be shocked."

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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