'Intelligence' Recap: Got Red X?
'Intelligence' Recap: Got Red X?
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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Intelligence keeps the action and intrigue roller coaster going in its second episode. While a lot of questions get answered, even more pop up, proving that nothing really is what it seems. This episode is a little low on action, but the twists and the overlapping plot lines kept you watching -- not wanting to miss a thing!

A Peak into Gabriel and Amelia's Love

Like last week's episode, the show launches into another flashback that sheds more light on Amelia and Gabriel. The first one shows them all cute, cozy and in serious love right before she gets called to her mission in Mumbai. She doesn't want to go and mentions quitting altogether. Gabriel won't hear of it, not wanting their marriage to change who she is or what she loves. Near the episode's end, we see them again, Amelia sharing her misgivings about this particular mission again. She tells Gabriel that when she goes deep undercover, it takes her a while to find her way home. Once again, Gabriel assures her that as long as he's around, she'll be okay. 

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Giving a Suicide Bomber a Whole New Meaning

This week's episode picks up three weeks after the premiere in Khost Province, Afghanistan. A man, who we find out later is Malik Hassani, is giving his brother two bright red balls to swallow. Then he goes out and willingly gets apprehended by US Marines, who take him back to the base to be scanned for weapons. As soon as he's deemed safe, we see the base explode. It's obvious Malik's brother was a suicide bomber, but the folks at CyberCom have no clue how he managed to sneak in the explosives that killed 12 marines and the visiting Senator Barnett. After doing their homework, they discover Malik's identity just as he lands in Dulles Airport, aka right in their backyard.

While Gabriel and the team work on finding him, Strand and Cassidy try to figure out how the bomb escaped detection. She thinks it was swallowed and Cassidy gets moving to see if such technology exists. Indeed it does, created by a technology company. These biodegradable plastic explosives are called Red X, manufactured to make the transport of bombs safer by taking away all the harmful chemicals that would make it impossible to swallow otherwise. The explosive is a small chip pressed into the center of the bomb and activated by a remote detonator. Prototypes of the Red X were conveniently stolen from their Zurich laboratory four months ago.

Back in the control room, Gabriel and his team track Malik to a cab where he meets up with a man named Ebrahim and an unidentified woman. This is when things get super interesting! Gabriel saw Ebrahim in the fire in Mumbai and the woman looks like Amelia. Gabriel's emotions take over and he storms out, Strand fearing he'll go AWOL. Riley manages to get him back into focus and he quickly gets back to work.

With Gabriel back on the mission, we get more background information on Ebrahim. He was working at a hospital when it was wrongfully attacked by US government contractors. They were never brought to justice due to Senator Barnett looking the other way (no wonder he was a target!). Thanks to Gabriel's supercomputer skills, they discover where the next bombing is going to take place and they move to intercept him. Before they leave, Strand pulls Riley aside to give her clear instructions -- if Amelia is the one holding the detonator, she better take that shot.

At the office building, the site of the next attack, Riley and Gabriel go into action. Gabriel goes after Malik, who's on his way to his detonation site on the 15th floor. Riley heads outside to find Ebrahim to make sure he doesn't set that bomb off. She spots Ebrahim with a walkie-talkie and Gabriel springs into the episode's only action scene to get Malik into the elevator where the signal can't set him off. After their tussle¸ Malik ends up at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Riley chases after Ebrahim, who meets up with Amelia to make their getaway. She fires off a few shots, but they both get away.

Gabriel is pissed that Riley took shots at his wife and he's thoroughly pissed off at Strand for giving such an order. Amelia is a terrorist, a point she tries to drill into his head, but he refuses to believe it. He manages to pull it together, because after Malik's autopsy it becomes clear that Ebrahim is not done. He still has enough Red X for another and more catastrophic event. Their investigation takes them to a mosque where the terrorist duo was staying. Yusef, a young boy they find there, gives Gabriel a hospital Visitor's Pass that he claims fell out of the attackers' belongings.

Riley and Gabriel get to the hospital, the patients already being cleared out. In all the chaos, Gabriel slips away and charges into the building to find what he was looking for all this time -- his wife, Amelia. Before he can fully revel in the fact that the love of his life is alive, she quickly tells him that she's ingested the Red X. Gabriel is desperate to help her but pleads with him to leave.

Riley enters the room with her gun pointed right at Amelia. It's really clear that Gabriel's wife loves him, but she's at the point of no return -- the bomb is on a timer and they only have 30 seconds to get out before they all die. Knowing that Gabriel won't leave, Riley takes the situation into her own hands. She charges at Gabriel, sending them both flying out the glass window behind into the lake below. As Gabriel hits the water, he watches his wife explode, the hospital above them bursting into flames.

Gabriel is an emotional mess at this point, Riley the first to feel his wrath. She's sympathetic but doesn't regret her decision to save him, with the chip being the least of her concern.

The Plot Thickens

Strand heads to the mosque to speak to Yusef. At first, it seems like she's there just to thank him for his help. However, the boy knows more than what he told Gabriel and she's right. That Visitor's Pass didn't't magically fall out of the terrorist pocket. Amelia told him to give it to Gabriel and that he would know what to do.

This episode leaves us with even more questions: 

  • What happened to Amelia that she would swallow a bomb? 
  • Why did she want Gabriel to know what she was up to? 
  • More important, whatever happened to the girl with the second chip from the first episode? 

Intelligence airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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