Human Target: Previewing Episode 9 'Corner Man'
Human Target: Previewing Episode 9 'Corner Man'
Finally, we're picking up. With one question, too: what exactly was Christopher Chance up to before all this happened?

Or, who really is Christopher Chance?

It may have been another averted emergency for Chance, but that talk with Baptiste--and all of the pondering in between--perhaps left him thinking about the things he's been doing. So I figure he's a hired assassin before, one who left the trade because of something--his beliefs? a girl?--and is now doing the same mistake again, at least according to Baptiste. In the end, there will be a nasty confrontation, either with the mentor or a pissed off Emma Barnes.

What took this so long?

Anyway, tonight's episode sees us back in regular territory: Chance, a girl, and a case. In this case, he's protecting a prized boxer who's on the run from some ruthless businessman. Along the way, he encounters this girl named Eva, the daughter of a former boxing champ. Of course, he'll have to deal with her, too. Maybe boxing with her in your thoughts would do wonders. Unless, of course, the past catches up with him again.

Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park guest stars in Human Target, airing tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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