Human Target: Previewing Episode 8 'Baptiste'
Human Target: Previewing Episode 8 'Baptiste'
It's pretty easy to guess what the very point of this season of Human Target is all about: a slow trawl through Christopher Chance's past. Old grudges, millions of aliases, a former flame last week... and this week, we're going back to FBI agent Emma Barnes.

Remember "Embassy Row"? The FBI agent Chance got to rub elbows against, and perhaps the only way for him to, I guess, get out of the profession? Err, Jessica Angell from CSI: NY. Yes. Well, she's back tonight, because Chance needs another favor, and surely it's something that neither Winston nor Guerrero are happy about.

On tonight's episode, Chance recruits the agent's help in stopping another buddy of his from assassinating a visiting foreign diplomat. Wait, wait, wait--how many friends does this guy have? They always seem to be up to something. This week, it's this Baptiste dude. Last week, Maria. It's hard having too many secrets, innit?

I guess Guerrero gets fed up with this, because he'll recruit a new member to the team. I smell friction. Human Target returns tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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