Human Target: Previewing Episode 5 "Run"
Human Target: Previewing Episode 5 "Run"
So, can anybody tell me what Guerrero is exactly up to? Okay, so he's still on our side, but what he did--virtually giving information on Chance to some guy--definitely planted some seeds. He's the most mysterious character on Human Target so far and his intentions are definitely suspect... or, at the very least, misunderstood.

Then again, Chance is still a mystery, considering his job, the fact that he's trying to escape it (finally, I was waiting for that angle) and that "Christopher Chance" seems to be just an alias. Maybe Guerrero really knows something? We'll see.

Anyway, on tonight's Human Target, Chance is assigned to protect a district attorney with dark secrets of her own. Something about her family's past, apparently, although I don't really know what that could be. Crime involvement? Maybe, because an organized crime family has marked her for murder, because of her investigation into that family's involvements.

Then again, it would be a very cruel twist if it's her own family who wants her dead.

Prison Break's Kristin Lehman guest stars on tonight's Human Target, from 8pm on Fox. You've seen the photos, sure.

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