'Human Target' Premieres Tonight
'Human Target' Premieres Tonight
We're all getting another dose of action from Fox starting tonight--and, even if you haven't read the comic books or the graphic novel, or seen the apparently television movie from way back, you'll find this idea pretty good. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the human target.

You know how it goes. Christopher Chance is this private contractor. His task is to provide security to these high-profile clients--like tonight, where he looks after the engineer of California's first bullet train. He does this by immersing himself so hard into his client's life to the point that he looks vulnerable. Then, when he sniffs out the threat--who'll think he's the guy they'll bring down--he tries to snuff them out. And, well, that's where the sequence begins.

That's pretty much how Human Target will roll out--expected, since McG is the executive producer. But Chance is, of course, not alone. His business partner, Winston, will tail along in a few instances. And then there's Guerrero, his hired gun, probably tasked to intervene when things get really nasty. There'll be bad men, there'll be guns, and there'll be awkward situations with the ladies--but I trust Chance is suave enough to see it through.

Mark Vallry, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley show up on Human Target, which starts tonight at 8pm on Fox, before it settles into its Wednesday night time slot. Want a taster? The photos are below.

(Image courtesy of Fox)