ABC New Show Trailers: An Evil '666 Park Ave.,' Alien 'Neighbors' and More
ABC New Show Trailers: An Evil '666 Park Ave.,' Alien 'Neighbors' and More
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
ABC's 2012-2013 schedule is full of an odd mix of styles. There are aliens in the suburbs, a Stephen King-esque apartment building, a nuclear sub going rogue, and a pair of shows about country singers, one a soapy drama, the other a broad family comedy.

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Below you can check out trailers for ABC's new fall and mid-season shows.

666 Park Avenue (Sundays at 10pm)

If you've ever seen the Keanu Reeves movie The Devil's Advocate, you'll probably see a few similarities. This supernatural, sci-fi soap opera follows a young couple managing a NYC apartment building full of mysterious occurrences and rather obvious references to Hell. It's also a bit like a cross between Stephen King's Needful Things and Stephen King's The Shining. And it looks entirely fun and a perfect partner for Revenge.

Nashville (Wednesdays at 10pm)

Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere square off as two country singers, one late in her career, the other just starting out. Panettiere seems quite comfortable playing a sexpot Taylor Swift, and I like the fact that this show resembles a reverse Revenge, where Britton plays the Madeleine Stowe character and she's the hero trying to take down her younger rival.

Last Resort (Thursdays at 8pm)

Ambitious doesn't even begin to describe this drama about a nuclear submarine that goes rogue when the captain refuses to destroy an entire country. It looks like a pretty great movie, but I'm not sure how it will be an on-going series.

The Neighbors (Wednesdays at 9:30pm)

My vote for the weirdest new show of the fall goes to this one. A family moves into a gated community full of aliens. I'm blown away by how different it is to anything I've ever seen on TV. It's part Mork and Mindy, part 3rd Rock from the Sun, all strange.

Malibu Country (Fridays at 8:30pm)

Reba McEntire is back on TV in this family sitcom that feels so traditional and formulaic that it makes sense that it would be used to resurrect ABC's iconic TGIF. If you're not being a snob and you can appreciate some broad family comedy, this could be a pleasant surprise.


Red Widow

I'm still not totally sure what this show is about. All I know is that the whole "woman doing anything to protect her family" didn't really work out for Missing, so I'm not sure why ABC is doing it again.

Zero Hour

Basically, Goose from Top Gun takes on Tom Hanks' role in The DaVinci Code with a little Missing thrown in for good measure as the conspiracy terrorists kidnapped his wife.


I have no idea which woman are the mistresses, which ones are married and who's with who on this show.

How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life

Other than having the world's worst title, this show looks pretty darn funny. Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins are great, as is Sarah Chalke, and this show could work nicely with The Middle and Suburgatory.

The Family Tools

Did you watch NBC's comedy Bent? Of course you didn't, but this looks rather similar to that show, maybe because both dealt with construction. I don't expect it to succeed, mostly because Kyle Bornheimer is incapable of starring in a successful comedy (see Romantically Challenged, Worst Week or Perfect Couples).

Which new ABC show is your favorite?

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