'How I Met Your Mother' To Feature Robin's Variety Show
'How I Met Your Mother' To Feature Robin's Variety Show
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Ever since How I Met Your Mother hinted on a failed Canadian variety show starring Alan Thicke and Cobie Smulders's Robin Scherbatsky (or should I say Robin Sparkles) last season, fans have been wondering if and when the show will ever tap on the botched extravaganza. But Smulders tells TV Guide that it really is going to happen.

"I don't know when, but it looks like it's finally coming," says the How I Met Your Mother actress. "I talked to [creators and executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas]: 'Are we doing a variety show?' We are. Don't you worry!"

The news is definitely something to look forward to for How I Met Your Mother fans who are fond of Robin Sparkles, Robin's Canadian bubblegum pop alter ego during her teenage years. So far, fans have seen her music videos "Let's Go ToThe Mall" and artistic follow-up" "Sandcastles in the Sand"--all of which have provided tons of comic relief on the show.

And though featuring Robin's variety show on How I Met Your Mother involves big undertakings, Smulders seems up for the challenge.

"They have to write the song, we have to record the song, do the choreography, shoot the music video. Then we have to shoot the episode reference to the music video," Smulders says. "I'm not doubting that having a variety show is going to be any less than that. I'm looking forward to it. And we haven't seen Robin Sparkles in a while. It's so much fun to do those shows," she says.

As for Robin's futile attempts at love--the latest of which involves her co-anchor Don, Smulders has no idea if her character will ever settle down but remains optimistic that a happy ending is in store for her.

"Maybe she'll turn out to be a lesbian! That's her doppelgänger. That'd be interesting for me to play -- straight Robin, lesbian Robin, Robin Sparkles. Love, Loss will prepare me for it!" Smulders laughs. "I don't know in what form Robin will find love, but hopefully it'll be the right one. I don't know if it'll be Ted, Barney, Marshall or Lily -- it can be anyone in our cast at this point because I make out with every single person! Listen, Robin is a slut! She gets around. Season 6, hopefully she closes her legs a little bit!"

Are you looking forward to the Robin Sparkles variety show? Any ideas on how it will play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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