How I Met Your Mother: Episode 4.3, "I Heart NJ" Recap
How I Met Your Mother: Episode 4.3, "I Heart NJ" Recap
If there’s one thing How I Met Your Mother got right on tonight’s episode, it’s that long distance relationships suck. We’ve all been there – driving way more than we want to, meeting somewhere in the middle, settling for emails and IMs, and never getting the time together that we deserve with our loved one. Such is the case for Ted, because Stella lives all the way in New Jersey. New Jersey, of all places! Everyone in New York City hates New Jersey. Hell, I’m from Connecticut and I hate it, too. Ted’s constantly missing out on everything, not only with his friends in Manhattan, but Stella in Jersey as well. She invites his friends to take a trip across the river to hang out at her house for the night and things don’t go as well as everyone had hoped.

Before we can get to the major issue between Ted and Stella, we first have to talk about the two thunder stealers, Robin and Barney. Barney makes a poor joke at Stella’s and demands a fist pound from everyone in the room. When they turn him down, saying that he can do better, he decides that he will not let the fist pound go until he’s no long left hanging. He tries better jokes, bribing people, and resorting to tears, but nobody bites.

Robin finally leaves her job at Metro News 1, delivering an overdramatic speech during her last broadcast.  She thinks that she landed a bigger and better job but she only got an audition.  However, she missed that small detail because when she heard the words, "You got it!", she put down the phone to do the running man and other 90s celebratory dance moves, all the while missing that she was still up against 20 other people.  She calls her boss for her old job back, who says that if she can make it there from Jersey in time to read the 11:00 news, she can have her old job back.

Okay, on to the issue between Ted and Stella.  The two have had a little bit of a misunderstanding since they got engaged.  He thought she and Lucy would move to Manhattan while she assumed Ted would move to New Jersey.  When he tells her that he's not moving, the two get into a fight, pulling Lily in the middle  Reasons why New York rocks: Broadway, Greenwich Village, and Sinatra.  Reasons why New Jersey rocks: Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, and Springstein.  This fight causes Marshall to crack, who finally admits that he hates New York.

Stella tells Ted to live wherever he wants and storms up to her room.  When he goes to find her, he runs into Lucy, who woke up from all the noise.  She asks him to read her a bedtime story, warming him up to Jersey after all.  He tells Stella that he'll move there, leaving his Manhattan apartment behind.  Robin makes it to Metro News 1 just in time, after stealing Lucy's bike and riding all the way there.  She reads her first pun of the night, and decides to re-quit, ripping her mic off on live television.  Lily and Barney catch the whole thing and take credit for finally getting her to leave.  She honors his first pound but leaves him hanging for a high five. 

With his hand still in the air, the gang meets up at MacLaren's, where Robin shocks the table with the news that she's moving to Japan for her new job.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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