Hugh Laurie to Direct a 'House' Episode
Hugh Laurie to Direct a 'House' Episode
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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House star Hugh Laurie, who has two Golden Globes not to mention four Emmy nods, will try his hand at directing this time, as he steps behind the camera and direct the series he has starred on since 2004.

"Hugh has been there since day one through every single episode, so he's phenomenally smart and his instincts are [impeccable]," says House executive producer Katie Jacobs to Entertainment Weekly. "This is going to be great for morale, because there's no one that the cast and crew and the writers want to work harder for than our leader."

The House episode that Laurie is directing the series' 17th episode, set to be filmed in January for a March 22 airing. "He starts prep when we get back [from the holiday break]," Jacobs added.

As to what kind of episode it's going to be, Jacobs didn't have much regarding plot, but she did assures us that it is not going to be a "traditional" episode. Lucas-Cuddy breakup episode, maybe?

For his part, Laurie, who is no stranger to directing, said he is both "thrilled" and "daunted" by "this new responsibility" because House scripts are always "Faberge eggs," which I guess is Brit speak for really brilliant and precious.

"I will try my very hardest not to drop this one on a stone floor," he added. In 2003, he starred and directed UK comedy-drama series Fortysomething, where he also played a doctor.

What exactly is a "non-traditional" House episode? No patient of the week? Non-imaginary Huddy hookup? With House being more human than ever, the possibilities are endless.

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