'House' Videos: Making 'Nobody's Fault'
'House' Videos: Making 'Nobody's Fault'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's House episode, "Nobody's Fault," takes a look at what happens to House's team when treatment goes horribly wrong. Guest starring Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Walter Cofield, the physician assigned to review the case, a lot went in to making "Nobody's Fault" happen. Check out three videos that explain the process.

The first video features the episode's director, Greg Yaitanes, talking about everything that went into making this unusual House episode.

For those who don't want to bother watching, here are some major points to know from the video:

  • Most of "Nobody's Fault" will be told via the medium of flashbacks, which indicates that the "present" for the episode is Dr. Cofield's review.
  • Will House have to change his diagnostic process after this? That wouldn't be good for the show...
  • However briefly, the video allows us to see Hugh Laurie a) talking with his real accent and b) being funny. Always a bonus.
  • If House gets his medical license suspended, his parole will be revoked. It would be interesting (but complicated) if House went that route.
  • After several years on House, how well-versed in medicine are the actors?
  • I can't imagine the House music composer would consider "I don't remember the music" to be the best compliment for the episode. But it does make sense for the director to feel that way.

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The second video features Jesse Spencer (Chase) talking about "Nobody's Fault."

So, it sounds like, from this video, that Dr. Chase is going to conclude that House is at fault in whatever happens to the patient. That's going to cause some tension. As for the episode itself, even if the frame is the interviews with Dr. Cofield, we will hopefully get some quality time watching the medical care. Especially if it's all going to go wrong.

The third video focuses on Jeffrey Wright's guest-starring appearance.

Despite what Dr. Cofield says, I can't imagine that House wouldn't want it to be all about him.

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Is House worth it? Find out when "Nobody's Fault" airs on Monday, February 6 at 8pm on FOX.

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