'House' Videos: Gender Issues and Dishonesty in 'Man of the House'
'House' Videos: Gender Issues and Dishonesty in 'Man of the House'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
House may be an evil genius who has managed to keep a medical license through multiple criminal proceedings. But can he fool Immigration when it comes to a fake marriage? The upcoming House episode, "Man of the House," asks that exact question. Three House videos from the episode may begin to give something of an answer.

House season 8, episode 13, "Man of the House," takes a look at what happens when House's "marriage" to Dominika (remember her?) comes under investigation by Immigration Services. Meanwhile, the team has to treat a marriage counselor experiencing unusual, personality-changing symptoms.

In the first video, House and the team discuss their new patient. And quickly get sidetracked into a discussion of gender roles.

Should we be surprised that Chase doesn't think men should be more like women? He sort of has a metrosexual vibe going on. Or maybe that's just because he's cute. Also cute -- and unusually disarming in a way -- was House's almost-failed fist bump with the guys. It's nice to see vulnerability, however random it may be, in the character of House.

The second video from "Man of the House" gives us a look at the troubled bromance between House and Wilson.

The big question from this video -- other than how House is actually going to convince someone that he loves his "wife" -- is what House needs that $30,000 for. Legal costs? That might account for it. You'd think his job as a specialty doctor at a major hospital would cover most of his other life expenses. Maybe he just likes the money...

Another, less pressing, question: Why does House only have two house keys if Wilson has been holding on to one of them?

The final video shows the evil puppetry of House at work again, as his team squabbles over who gets the "honor" of being named team leader.

  • Nice Comic-Con reference, Park!
  • Taub is probably right about the meaninglessness of the position. Unless House wants to do less work, that is. In that case, the second-in-command would get to do more of the tough jobs for only slightly less glory than House himself.
  • I'm a big fan of meaningless titles that look good on resumes. Shallow as that is...

House season 8 episode 13, "Man of the House" will air on Monday, February 20 at 8pm on FOX.

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