House: Robert Sean Leonard Says Wilson 'Very Strange' Man
House: Robert Sean Leonard Says Wilson 'Very Strange' Man
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Did you like last night's Wilson-centric episode on House? Still think he's normal, or at least the most normal amidst the case of weirdo's on the Fox medical show?

As for Robert Sean Leonard, Wilson is a "very strange man" - something that people seem to overlook. After all, the guy seems to be the voice of reason in the deranged logic that sometimes characterize House's mind. But don't be mistaken, cautions Leonard, since Wilson is not the "teddy bear" of a guy that everything thinks he is.

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"He's very strange. He has three ex-wives. He lives alone - well, now he lives with House. He deals with death every day. He has a schizophrenic homeless brother. God only knows what his parents are like. I just think he's a really strange, dark guy. That's my take on him."

After this Wilson-centric episode, House will delve deeper into his sort of sidekick's personality, something that was six seasons in the making. In future episodes, he will go apartment hunting with House, still in consonance with his agreement with the loony bin / psychiatric facility that he not live alone.

That, of course, turned out to be Wilson. But will Leonard befriend a person like House in real life?

"Maybe when I was 20, but at 40, no," he says. "I think House is an incredibly intriguing guy. The character is incredibly funny. He is, I imagine, great fun to be around. He's extremely smart, self-deprecating, sarcastic - what's not to like? The only thing is, he's self-involved... He gets you into trouble and screws you over sometimes."

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