'House' Recap: Familiar Faces Return to Hear a 'Confession'
'House' Recap: Familiar Faces Return to Hear a 'Confession'
This week on House, Chase and Taub return, there's baby mama drama, and a small-town hero sheds layers of lies and skin. Somehow all these threads come together for a thoroughly satisfying episode.

My Affair Lady

Everything starts with local upstanding community leader Bob Harris winning a community service award. He wins a commendation for coaching little league, running scholarship funds and probably spending his free time giving paraplegic orphans piggy-back rides to school everyday. Just to rub our noses in what a swell guy Bob is, his stereotypically radiant wife and kids get called onstage to smile and wave with him.

They probably wouldn't be grinning as big if they knew other categories Bob could be nominated for. No doubt he would have at least made runner-up for Cheater of the Year. After the ceremony Mr. Perfect is off helping a pretty young thing study for an anatomy test in a dingy motel. The scene climaxes (stop snickering back there) when Bob starts convulsing on the floor gets taken to the hospital.

Back in the Saddle Or Back In a Shadow?

Lucky for him there's new old faces back at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital giving excellent medical care. Prodigal doctors Chase and Taub are back, much to Dean of Medicine Foreman's bafflement. Who knows, maybe they were going through sarcasm withdrawls.

Taub gets plenty of screentime, but I'm a little disappointed we don't see more of Chase. Though not ignored by the camera, he's relegated to the background in most scenes. Hopefully next episode he'll play a bigger role.

Taub and Justin Bieber Find Common Ground

There are two reasons Taub gets spotlighted: his children. Dr. House's betting pool on who fathered the Taub Tikes has everyone clamoring for proof of parenthood. Seriously, there are episodes of Maury with less people wanting paternity tests.

Constant attempted cell theft starts the new father wondering as well whether the kids are his. Despite this he adamantly denies it matters, he'll love his children no matter what ... maybe. In a self professed moment of weakness he samples their DNA to find out. House does the only respectable thing and promptly steals it to learn the results himself.

'If I Did It' by Brian A. Neurysm

Through all of this their patient starts showing his true self. With death looming Bob decides to clear his conscience. He admits his adultery. Then his shady business practices. In fact he owns up to so much by the end Bob's basically owns up to tap-dancing on puppy skulls.

Just when he's about to die friendless and alone, the team discovers a brain aneurysm. It's a symptom of his quickly cured illness which makes him make up his misdeeds. Everyone's overjoyed their local do-gooder wasn't so bad after all. Bob smooths things over with the missus by saying his disease made him say he had an affair, when in reality he never had relations with that woman. In some sick way, everyone's a winner.

Too bad House's gambling operation didn't end the same one. House confronts Taub with his paternity results. Taub quickly shreds them. Guess you can cheat even on a DNA test.

Mr. Wilson, Tear Down This Wall

Things end with a grand unveiling of a new addition to the team's office. Martini's are poured, and a red curtain regally rises to reveal a:

A) Medical version of The Batcave
B) actual Batcave
C) The heads of people that angered House mounted on sharp sticks
D) Wilson's office, complete with irritated Wilson none too pleased about this new development.

This can only end well.

That could be said of the rest of the season, though. Familiar and new faces are starting to intermingle now. Will the Chase/Taub combo begin to overshadow doctors Adams and Park? Was their reintroduction handled well? Let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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