'House' News: Final Episodes and the Possible Return of Kal Penn
'House' News: Final Episodes and the Possible Return of Kal Penn
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As its final episodes approach, anticipation is rising about what the House series finale will bring. What will happen to House? Which characters will return to the show? How could it all possibly end?

Keep reading to check out House spoilers and news that provide some answers to these questions.

WARNING: There are more than a few House spoilers contained within this article. You probably want to stay away if you want everything in the final House episodes to be a surprise.

Could Kal Penn Come Back?
A character's suicide is usually a good sign that the actor will not return. But that may not be the case on House.

Kal Penn, who played Dr. Kutner until that character's shocking suicide in House season 5, is reportedly in talks to return for the House series finale. How exactly will that work? EW.com, which first broke the story, had no additional information.

But that's what speculation is for! Will Kutner return as a delusion (as he did briefly once before)? A dream? Someone House meets in some sort of afterlife? It could be anything, so share your theories in the comments section!

The Final Four House Episodes
The final four episodes of House season 8 will exist as part of a related story building toward the House finale on May 21. House series creator David Shore explained to TVLine: "The final four episodes are, to some extent, [part] of a piece. But the last one is very, very much a separate culmination of those episodes."

What could this four-episode arc be about? There are no details, but there might be a clue in the first of the four: The episode, directed by House star Hugh Laurie, will be titled "The C Word" (as reported by TVLine)

That would imply that cancer might be involved. Is it House? Someone else?

Wilson Is Involved
Whether he's there for cancer treatment or just for his odd bromance with House, Dr. Wilson will be a major presence in the final episodes of House. "There's going to be a lot of House and Wilson stuff as we get down to the wire," David Shore told TVLine.

Even if sickness is involved, House and Wilson together cannot possibly be a bad thing.

When House returns from its hiatus, it will air at a new time, Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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