'House' Fan Contributor: Time For Your 'Quizzical'
'House' Fan Contributor: Time For Your 'Quizzical'
Got the blahs?

It just might be that your trivia muscle needs some exercise. Step into the clinic and answer our questions. Answer to the best of your ability. Dr. House isn't to keen on mistakes. Just stick to the facts. He has a problem when people don't. But as I'm sure you take regular doses of House this shouldn't be difficult.

The questions deal with the show, actors and related items. We have prepared 30 for your examination. You can assess yourself this way...

15 - 20 correct: Medical Student (Keep out of House's way.)

21 - 25 correct: Fellowship Member (Prepare to be ridiculed.)

26 - 30 correct: Dean Of Medicine (Good thing you look good.)

30 correct: Head of Diagnostic Department (Wilson buys you lunch.)

I'm sure you'll do fine but just in case here's Dr. Cuddy's pager number.

(Thanks to fellow House authority Karen Smith for the consult.)

(Image courtesy of Fox)

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist