'House' Fan Contributor: Robert Sean Leonard's Simple Pleasures
'House' Fan Contributor: Robert Sean Leonard's Simple Pleasures
Jacky, our BuddyTV Fan Columnist for NCIS and huge House fan reports that Robert Sean Leonard is missing out on being a dad. Want to write for BuddyTV, click here?

Robert Sean Leonard needs to get a life.

The Tony Award winning actor, and father of one, is looking forward to the simple things. When Dr. James Wilson leaves Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for the last time, Leonard is prepared to move his family to his home state of New Jersey. 

Leonard is very happy to play Wilson on House, but he says early morning calls and full days leaves him little time to be with daughter, Eleanor, born in January 2009. He is grateful to House for the financial freedom the series has given him. When the show goes off the air, he would prefer a simpler life away from Los Angeles.

In July of 2008 he married Gabriella Salick, a professional equestrian show jumping rider. Gabriella was named the Executive Director of West Coast Active Riders in 2004. She, like Leonard, is from New Jersey.

What would suit RSL is a return to theatre in New York. He feels the hours are better for a dad who wants to be involved in his child's life.

"I'm so looking forward to skate keys and homework and driving (Eleanor) to soccer and being back in New Jersey, and just being home," he commented.

Theatre hours would allow him to arrive at 7:30PM. and be home by 11PM. This is an improvement to the hours required on the House set. He is up by 4:00AM and arriving home by 7:30PM. Leonard says he never wanted to be the lead character in House. Being the best friend of the lead character, played by Hugh Laurie gave him more time off.

The Leonard home is a busy one what with a little Eleanor, Gabriella and their dogs. Both Gabriella and Robert are long time advocates of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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