'House' Fan Contributor: House Returns Early
'House' Fan Contributor: House Returns Early
The doctor is in and he's early!

Fox is giving its fans their dose of House two weeks early on January 11. House was originally scheduled for a January 25th return. Fox has decided to use its ratings powerhouse to draw audiences to the final episode of Fringe.

According to thefutoncrtic.com, sources at Fox confirmed that House would be used as the lead-in to the final episode of Fringe. The sci-fi show is about to begin a seven-week break. 

NBC has slotted the return of Chuck followed by Heroes on that same Monday night.

ABC is airing week two of The Bachelor and CBS has its block of comedies and CIS: Miami

Fans are elated at the earlier return. The show decided against their traditional Christmas episode in favor of a Thanksgiving script. Used to seeing a new episode for the holiday and receiving a holiday repeat was like being offered last year's turkey.

Fox announced new episodes of their Golden Globe nominated show would not be seen until January 25. It was enough to make eternal optimist Tiny Tim cry.

Speculation on the web whispered Fox was concerned Chuck might take ratings from House. Though Chuck has changed into a 'super spy', House remains the 'super sleuth' of diagnostic medicine. Much of the credit goes to Golden Globe darling and repeat SAG nominee Hugh Laurie.

Broadcasting & Cable (B&C) reports the second half of the four hour 24 premier will air Monday January 18. House will return in its normal slot on January 25.

The reason for the early return really doesn't matter to House fans. They're just happy to have 'doc mock' back with them. Have you ever seen a group of people suffering the effects of 'House Hiatus'? It isn't pretty and new episodes are the cure.

 -Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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