'House' Fan Columnist: Beauty's Burden- Top Five Reasons It's Hard to Be Pretty
'House' Fan Columnist: Beauty's Burden- Top Five Reasons It's Hard to Be Pretty
What did I take away from this week's  House?  It's hard to be pretty!  This isn't the first time this theme has come up.  Remember the pilot?  House hired Cameron because she looked good.  Like artwork.  Gasp!  Cameron was shocked and insulted that she was hired not on her merits, but on her looks.  Why else is it a burden to be so beautiful?

5.  You get special privileges just because you're pretty.

Here's where Cameron getting hired comes in.  Yes, it's insulting.  I totally understand that she wants to be taken seriously as a doctor.  Think about Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anatomy as well for this one.  Izzie worked her way through medical school as a lingerie model so she was debt free.  Did it help her be taken seriously?  Not really.  Sigh.  If only she had just one hair out of place.  This is also applicable to the government agent in "Ugly." She got to work for House because he wanted to date her.  Date, being a kinder version of what he would really have liked to do with her.

4.  You're considered stupid because you can't be both beautiful and intelligent.

This is the reason why so many women wanted Chase regardless of his smarts!  They thought they couldn't have the complete package, so they might as well settle for one or the other.  Thirteen also delved into this a bit with her treatise on how she dated a 30 year old man when she was 17.  Ew.

3.  You are given too many compliments throughout the day. 

Or, if you're working for House, you're sexually harassed throughout the day.  Can't keep track of the number of jokes House has made about Cuddy's womanly parts, but he has done a fair job of complimenting his colleague's looks in his own strange way as well.  Take the guy from "Social Contract" that couldn't control what came out of his mouth.  He objectified Cuddy and Thirteen until Cuddy realized it was one of House's tricks, but it was a compliment meant to make Cuddy feel good.  In a worldly sense, it must be difficult to get your work done throughout the day when people are busy filling your inbox with compliments about your look.  And no, not a metaphor.

2.  People are often rendered speechless by your beauty when you dress up or they just say stupid things.

Exhibit A: Cameron from "All In."  House literally could not speak when she showed up in her strapless dress.  Can't say she didn't love his reaction, though. 

Exhibit B: The 80's party in "Known Unknowns."  That dorky guy that wanted to ask Cuddy out couldn't  have just asked her to dance like a normal person instead of looking her up and down lecherously and throwing in a dorky line about Jane Fonda?

1.  Potential partners only want you for your looks.

Take a look at Chase speed dating.  He faked an America accent, insulted women, and discussed not having a job.  He was, for all intents and purposes, a loser.  Except for his pretty face.  House knows how the game works, which is why he walked out of the bar $100 richer.  Poor Chase.  Must be hard to have so many women lusting after you just for your high cheek bones and blue eyes.  And great hair!  Remember when Kutner wanted to ask Amber out because her legs went all the way up to Canada? Same deal. 

It's really hard to have Thirteen's body, Chase's cheek bones, and Cameron's lips.  I bet combined, they would feel the true brunt of beauty's burden.    Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "beauty is pain."  

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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