Buddy Bites: J.J. Pitching Two New Shows and Former Dr. Cameron Checks into 'HIMYM'
Buddy Bites: J.J. Pitching Two New Shows and Former Dr. Cameron Checks into 'HIMYM'
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Here is a quick rundown of some of the latest TV news.

You had me at J.J.!
TV fans rejoice! The man with the golden touch is in the process of pitching two new television shows. His production company, "Bad Robot", is behind great shows such as Lost, Fringe, and Alias and they are looking to build their brand. As is usually the case with Abrams, details about the two prospective shows are very few. Here is what we know:

Abrams is teaming up with Lost ex-producer Elizabeth Sarnoff to develop a series based on Alcatraz Island (hmm another island...). Other than the title, Alcatraz, no other details have been given.  

There are even fewer details about his other show but it still sounds pretty exciting. Abrams is pitching a crime-thriller series created by the co-screenwriter of The Dark Knight, Jonah Nolan. TDK was one of the most successful (both finically and critically) movies of the last decade and Lost was, well, easily one of the most influential TV series of the last decade. Imagine what they can do together. [Ausiello]

Could Jennifer Morrison Be Ted's Baby Mama?
After six seasons as Dr. Cameron on House, Jennifer Morrison has joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother. Morrison signed on for 13 episodes to play Zooey, a season long love interest for Ted. Let the "do you think she is the mother of Ted's future children" games begin. [Ausiello]

"Two Thumbs" Back Up
That was quick! After being canceled two weeks ago, Roger Ebert announced the return of his weekly movie review show. This time the show will be called Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies. It will air on PBS and feature critics Elvis Mitchell and Stephanie Lemire. Ebert, who lost his voice to thyroid cancer, will also provide a weekly review using his computer as voice. [TV Guide]

The Tool Man Returns
'90s sitcom giant, Tim Allen, is on the hunt for a new sitcom. Allen spent 8 seasons as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on Home Improvement and now he is hoping to recapture his former TV glory. Hey if Al Bundy can rebound, Tim Taylor should have no problem. [EW]

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