'Hostages' Preview: Would You Kill the President to Save Your Family?
'Hostages' Preview: Would You Kill the President to Save Your Family?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hostages is compelling television due to moral dilemma at the heart of the story. What would you do to protect your family and those that you love? Would you kill someone to keep those close to you save? Would you kill the President of the United States? Check out a preview of this new show that's high on suspense and intrigue.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Hostages spoilers and clips

"What would you do?"

Dr. Sanders is scheduled to operate on the President of the United States when her family is taken hostage by a rogue FBI agent, Duncan Carlisle. Would you kill the President to save your family? 

Two quotes from the above preview stand out. Agent Carlisle says, "Sometimes you have to do a bad thing for a good reason." What "good" reason would he have to be willing to kill the President? It's especially puzzling since he has a daughter who would be left behind if he's caught. This mystery is quite intriguing.

And, at the end of the preview, Dr. Sanders says, "I don't give up that easily." She's not going to be blackmailed without a fight. She's ready to play hardball. What will it cost her to try and do the "right" thing?

For more insight into these two characters, watch the below character profiles.

Dylan McDermott on his character, FBI Agent Duncan Carlisle

Is Duncan's motivation to kill the President tied to his sick wife? Or, is he willing to go rogue because his wife is in the hospital?

Toni Collette on her character, Dr. Sanders

Would Dr. Sanders kill the President to save her family? Or, will she be able to stay true to herself. 

Hostages premieres on Monday September 23 at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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