'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Goes After Duncan's Wife
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Goes After Duncan's Wife
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Ellen learned that she needed to keep Duncan alive just as Brian shot him full of poison, and Kramer was possibly heading to jail just as Archer was getting out. In this week's episode, "The Good Reason," Ellen has to save her captor and Kramer needs Jake's help if he wants to avoid a murder charge. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

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The Hostage Becomes the Hostage-Taker

Continuing from last week's terrible cliffhanger, Ellen works to save Duncan's life, despite spending the previous two episodes trying to kill him. While Ellen tries to keep Duncan among the living, Brian keeps trying to kill him because he is the least helpful person ever. As predicted, Duncan survives the death poison and Ellen tells Brian that the fate of their family is tied to Duncan's survival so he should probably stop trying to murder the guy.

But just because they cannot kill Duncan does not mean that Ellen is giving up. She intends to use Duncan's family to figure out how far this conspiracy goes and who is really behind it. To do that, she plans to visit his dying wife in the hospital.

After several failed attempts, Ellen finally gets in to see Nina, but Nina thinks she is the doctor Duncan saw about the miracle cure. They have a rather pointless conversation about Duncan's efforts to save her via this miracle cure before Ellen ups Nina's pain meds until she passes out. Duncan gets wind of Ellen's visit to his wife and arrives just as she takes Nina's IV in her hands. Ellen threatens to give Nina an overdose if Duncan tries anything. As the episode ends, Duncan asks her what she wants in exchange for not killing his wife.

Jake Stands Up for Kramer

Kramer is still being held for questioning in the limo driver's death, but said questioning is interrupted when Burton arrives and takes Kramer away. Since cameras in the area caught Jake and Kramer near where the driver was killed, Burton wants Jake to give Kramer an alibi for the murder.

Jake goes to the police station and gives his statement about that night, claiming that he and Kramer were hanging out at a skate park. The detective seems suspicious about Jake's story, but when Kramer asks him about it after the fact, Jake claims the detective believed him. Is Jake lying? Was there more to his statement that we did not see or does he believe he pulled on over on the detective? And how will Jake react if he learns that Kramer actually did kill the limo driver?

Morgan's Annoying Boyfriend

Hoffman is still investigating Ellen and starts to put the pieces together about a plot against the President. Duncan continues to use his position to control the investigation, but Hoffman is finally doing his job, so Duncan may need to take care of Hoffman sometime soon. At the end of the episode, Hoffman has Brian brought in for a chat. Hoffman believes that someone is threatening the Sanders family and offers to help. Will Brian give up Duncan's team or keep quiet?

In another tedious plot, Boyd-the-boyfriend shows up again, this time to take Morgan away from her "father." Boyd thinks Duncan is responsible for Morgan's bruises and wants to get her away from him. Morgan agrees to leave with Boyd, but when Boyd catches Duncan yelling at her, he pulls out a gun and threatens Duncan.

During their show-down, Brian calls and identifies himself as Morgan's father. But before Morgan can explain what is really going on, Sandrine pulls a gun on Boyd and they both fire at each other. Sandrine is wearing a vest so she is fine, but Boyd-the-boyfriend is dead. How will Duncan's team cover up Boyd's death? Will Morgan continue to cooperate now that her "true love" is dead or will she try to turn Duncan's team in?

Trio of Evil

In our non-Sanders-related plot, the President informs creepy Quentin and another adviser that he plans to tell the public about Operation Total Information, an illegal surveillance program the government has been using to spy on American citizens. The President knows it is only a matter of time before someone leaks details about the program and he wants to get ahead of it so he can control the message to work in his favor. The other adviser, Colonel Blair, claims to agree with the President, but meets up with creepy Quentin later on to discuss stopping the POTUS for good.

Creepy Quentin brought Blair into the assassination plot months earlier when he first got wind of the President's decision to expose OTI. Since Blair runs the program, he would rather kill the President than lose such a valuable resource against terrorism. Blair tells creepy Quentin that they need to find out when the President plans to make the announcement about OTI and take him out before he can reveal the truth about the program.

Later that night, Blair and Quentin meet with a mutual friend, the one who brought them together for the plot against the President. In an expected but still delightful twist, that person is the First Lady's sister, Vanessa. Does Vanessa want the President dead because she thinks he killed her brother? Or does she also have something to gain from keeping OTI a secret? And does the First Lady know what her sister is up to?

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you ever think Duncan might die? Do you think Vanessa and her cohorts are as far as the conspiracy goes or is there someone else still to be revealed? Does Jake really believe that Kramer is innocent or does he just not care? And what will Ellen ask Duncan now that she holds his wife's life in her hands? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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