'Homeland' Sneak Peek: 'A Gettysburg Address'
'Homeland' Sneak Peek: 'A Gettysburg Address'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With Brody now working with the CIA on Homeland, it's a new new investigative game. Can Carrie and Quinn use Brody to uncover Nazir's plot against America? On "A Gettysburg Address," Brody is called to make good on his immunity offer. Meanwhile, Dana struggles with the aftermath of the hit-and-run.

Here's the trailer for "A Gettysburg Address." 

Highlights from the trailer:
  • Carrie brings in Brody to keep his end of the deal.
  • Finn and Dana argue about the hit-and-run.
  • Quinn doesn't trust Brody ... duh!
  • Mike sits down with Estes over his inquiries into Walker's death.
  • Saul is concerned about Carrie working so close with Brody.
  • Carrie is tired of people questioning her ability to do her job.
  • The team catches the meet they have been waiting to happen.
  • A heavily armed team breaks in somewhere. They don't look like official SWAT though. They break through a wall.
  • Brody has a meeting with Roya.
  • Carrie questions Brody, "Did you know? Answer the question!"
Showtime has also released two clips from "A Gettysburg Address." The first is "The Deal," where Carrie calls Brody in to make good on his deal for immunity. Brody tells Carrie he told Jessica he was working with the CIA, but lied about working with Carrie.

In the second clip, "Gathering My Thoughts," Carrie is thinking about how to get Brody to approach Roya when Saul checks up on her. She is upset because Quinn told her not the trust Brody, when she was the first one to think that. She doesn't like everyone questioning her ability, while Saul is worried about Carrie working so close to Brody. Carrie re-assures him that her eyes are open now that she has seen the suicide video.

Homeland "A Gettysburg Address" airs on Sunday, November 4th at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

(Image and videos courtesy of Showtime.)