'Homeland' Season 3 Finale Recap: Brody's Life Hangs in the Balance
'Homeland' Season 3 Finale Recap: Brody's Life Hangs in the Balance
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I think I might be done with Homeland.

There are parts of tonight's season finale fraught with exciting tension, great performances by the actors and some genuine story surprises. But some of the decisions made by Carrie are so bone-chillingly dumb and short-sighted that I have trouble thinking I can root for her as a main character anymore. And that makes me want to quit the show next year.

But let's get started with the recap.

Brody's Escape and Capture

The episode opens right where we left off. (In fact, with my recording on DVR, I didn't even get the usual "Previously on" segment.)

Brody cleans up the murder scene and is able to calmly leave the building before the body is discovered. Carrie, meanwhile, quickly gets in touch with Saul who, of course, is skeptical that Brody actually carried out the mission. He also refuses to help until he can confirm Akbari really is dead.

Meanwhile, while celebrity Brody is able to easily sneak around the streets of Tehran -- shouldn't people be going up to him and shaking his hand every few minutes? -- he quickly meets up with Carrie, while Javati confirms with Saul that Akbari is indeed dead.

Javati, however, demands Brody. He says he'll look weak and won't get chosen as Akbari's successor if he doesn't locate him. While Dar Adal tells Saul he would hand over Brody, Saul decides to move forward with the extraction plan.

While Brody and Carrie hang out in a safe house -- are we to assume it is Fara's uncle's house? -- they discuss the guilt Brody is feeling. "In what universe can you redeem one murder with another murder?" he asks.

Incredulously, Carrie gives up her argument relatively easily and instead tells Brody she's pregnant with his child. Surprisingly, however, the baby was conceived during their trip to the lake (in season 1), not from the motel (season 2) as I assumed. That makes Carrie four months along.

Then she and Brody start talking about how the Earth put them on this planet to make them drawn to each other and yada yada yada. Again, we're reminded that Carrie is doing all of this for Brody, not for, you know, Saul, her country or because it's the right thing. Ugh.

They hear a helicopter approaching, but when they exit the house, they're surrounded by Javati's men, who take Brody away, but not Carrie. After she calls Saul, he confronts Lockhart and Dar Adal. Apparently, the President gave Lockhart authority to act on Dar Adal's intel so Javati could capture Brody.

Carrie tries to get to Brody, but before she can, she's brought before Javati, who informs her that Brody has been sentenced to death by hanging. He gives Carrie this incredibly impassioned speech about everything everyone has given up to get them to this point, but no, Carrie, the eight-year-old child, won't give it up and demands two minutes with Brody.

She gets it, and while on the phone, Brody tells her it's over and that he wants it to be over. More than that, he doesn't want her to be there at the execution.

So of course she goes.

When the crane is raised, with Brody hanging from a noose placed around his neck by whom I presume is Akbari's widow, Carrie starts to climb the fence and yells "Brody!" at the top of her lungs.

No, really. That happens in this week's episode.

Brody continues to swing and eventually suffocates to death while Carrie watches him. (Apparently, in Iran, they don't use hanging to break your neck.)

Four Months Later

We open with Saul looking pretty relaxed. He's heading home to meet Mira. They look to be vacationing somewhere in France (or somewhere where French is spoken regularly.)

And yes, Saul is sticking with the wife that was involved with the Mossad agent. Saul's just as stupid about his love life as Carrie is.

Mira is overjoyed, reading the newspaper and learning that Iran is letting inspectors in to their nuclear facilities -- thanks to Javati (and, of course, Saul). "It's your crowning achievement," she tells him. "It only cost me my career," he responds.

Saul, however, is heading back to the States for the star dedication ceremony at the CIA, while Mira gets their new home set up in NYC.

Back in DC, Carrie is meeting with Lockhart, who foolishly has let her continue to work at the CIA. Not only that, but he's letting her become station chief at Istanbul despite the fact she's:

-- Very, very, very pregnant
-- She was in love with a terrorist
-- Has the gall to request a star at the CIA for Brody

Before the star ceremony, Carrie starts to have second thoughts about having the kid. Yes, even though she is eight months pregnant. Her father offers to take her (the baby) off her hands when it's born so Carrie can go to Istanbul, but we don't learn what she decides.

At the star ceremony, Brody's name is not read, but later that night, Carrie draws one on the wall for him. I get why she thinks he needs one, but isn't that disrespectful to everyone else that actually got one?

With that, the season and the Brody storyline come to a close. I say I'm out now, but if producers wind up casting some insanely talented actor or actress to play the "big bad" next season, I'm sure I could find myself coming back for more. 

If nothing else, this show now has a ton of new story avenues to go down. Hopefully, they'll choose more wisely than they did this season.

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