'Homeland' Season 2 Finale: 5 Theories About the Attack
'Homeland' Season 2 Finale: 5 Theories About the Attack
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Homeland ended season 2 with a big bang as a new act of terrorism set the stage for the show's future. In the episode Carrie and Brody decided to run away and live happily ever after, but just then a bomb in Brody's car was detonated outside the memorial service for the vice president at the CIA.

The bombing killed more than 200 people, including CIA director David Estes and the vice president's wife and son. It left Saul in charge of the CIA while Carrie helped Brody flee the country since he was being framed for the attack. The video he made back in season 1 was even leaked to the press. But Carrie decided to stay behind to try and clear his name.

The question is: Who is responsible for the bombing? By the end of Homeland season 2, Brody had decided that it was the final stroke of Abu Nazir's master plan from beyond his watery grave. But are we just supposed to take his word on it? Here are five possible theories about who was behind the bombing.

Abu Nazir

Brody quickly theorized that the attack was Abu Nazir's intended target all along. While it's true that killing David Estes and the vice president's son fit perfectly with Nazir's manifesto, it all seems a little too ridiculous. Abu Nazir intentionally sacrificed himself and Roya's team in order to lull the U.S. into a false sense of security so some extra member of his team could plant a bomb in Brody's car for the well-attended memorial service at the CIA he knew would occur?

It's totally implausible, but then again, everything Abu Nazir did in Homeland season 2 was. How did he get into the country? How was he able to kidnap Carrie so quickly after Roya's plan failed, knowing exactly where her car would be? How did he have the technology to remotely kill Vice President Walden with the serial number of his pacemaker? Then again, Homeland comes from the same people behind 24, a show where the terrorists always had at least two moles in CTU as well as about a dozen back-up terror plots for the same day in case the first 11 were thwarted by Jack Bauer.

Peter Quinn

Early in the episode, special black ops assassin Peter Quinn made his feelings about Estes very clear. He kills bad guys. So maybe this was his big plot to kill Estes. Or maybe his boss, the oddly named Dar Adal, ordered it as part of a massive scheme to reignite the war in the Middle East. That same thing happened on 24 in at least two seasons.

Saul Berenson

He just happened to be the ONE guy not at the memorial? Saul was definitely angry at Estes for being illegally detained for three days and the incident resulted in Saul getting everything he ever wanted: A huge promotion and his wife coming home. But it's hard to imagine the lovably awesome Mandy Patinkin playing the bad guy.

Nicholas Brody

Highly unlikely, but maybe Brody really is STILL working for Abu Nazir and is pulling off a master manipulation of Carrie by convincing her he's innocent. Dana seemed convinced this time was different than the previous time Brody tried to commit a terrorist act, but she's a pretty bad judge of character.

Carrie Mathison

This is truly the craziest theory ever, but why not? We know Carrie is bi-polar, but what if it's far worse? Saul called her the smartest and dumbest person he knows. Maybe her love for Brody, a terrorist, has caused her to create a second personality, Jekyll and Hyde-style. Maybe that second personality framed Brody in order to keep them apart because it knows that he's bad for her.

Odds are it's just the first one and Brody was right when he determined Abu Nazir masterminded this attack from beyond the grave. But given how uneven and insane the second season became with Carrie banging Brody on a CIA wiretap, Carrie covering Brody's involvement in the assassination of the vice president and Dana getting involved in a hit-and-run, anything is possible.

Who do you think was responsible for the shocking act of terrorism in the Homeland season 2 finale?

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