'Homeland' Video Preview 'The Mother****er With a Turban': Will Nazir Get Away?
'Homeland' Video Preview 'The Mother****er With a Turban': Will Nazir Get Away?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Where does Homeland go from here? Last Sunday, Carrie was captured and went face-to-face with Abu Nazir, who let her go in order to get Brody's assistance. The Congressman reluctantly at first helped Nazir with his plan, but quickly drew satisfaction from killing Vice President Walden. 

Beware of strong language for the title of this episode.

Showtime has released video previews for tonight's "The Motherfucker With a Turban." What a title?!? The writers are definitely trying to make a point with that one. It knocks you over the head with emphasis. 

Homeland is full of ambiguity about right and wrong. In a purely patriotic sense, there is no question of the two sides, but it's not that simple. Was Walden wrong to order that drone strike? Should he have been punished?

Was Brody getting justice, revenge, or both in helping kill Walden? Did he sign his own death sentence with his actions or will he find a way to still maintain his deal with the justice department?

The real question: Who is wearing the turban?

Here's the trailer for tonight's episode:

Here are some highlights from the preview:

  • Roya is questioned.
  • Nazir got away and Carrie is convinced he had help.
  • Saul undergoes a lie detector test under Estes' order
  • Quinn asks Carrie if she trusts him.
  • Carrie pops some pills.
  • Carrie tells Brody that everyone is looking for him (Nazir?).
  • There's a raid.
  • What's in the trunk?
Video: "A Few Questions"

After escaping from Nazir, Carrie returns to try to find Nazir, but he got away. She wants to question the search team to try and figure out who was helping Nazir. 

Video: "Farce"

Saul believes that Estes ordered a polygraph test for him in order to keep him out of the way. What's going on?

With only two hours left in Homeland's second season, it's sure to be a nail biter! Will Brody get away with helping kill the Vice President? And, what is Estes doing? Will he sacrifice American lives to protect the secret about the drone attack?

Homeland "Broken Hearts" airs tonight, Sunday, December 9 at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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(Image and videos courtesy of Showtime.)