'The Real Housewives' Are Going International
We just saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey visit Italy, but that was just for two episodes. For years now, the Real Housewives franchise has been as American as baseball, apple pie, and over-indulgence. But according to MovieLine.com, Bravo has plans to expand the franchise overseas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for The Real Housewives of Athens, which is set to debut this fall. According to The New York Post, "this version will follow affluent Greek ladies as they bustle about the cradle of democracy."  Call me stupid but I'm a little confused about how this is going to work. Granted, you can barely understand some of the Housewives when they're adding words to our dictionary, but will the Real Housewives of Athens be speaking Greek with subtitles? Do they even speak Greek anymore? Or are they wealthy American ladies who have moved to Greece?

In addition to Greece, the Bravo is reportedly casting for The Real Housewives of Sandbanks in Dorset, England. If you say so, Bravo! I'm skeptical, but not enough to even pretend like I won't watch.  So, is this ruining the Housewives franchise or making it better?

(image courtesy of Bravo)