'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Sons Die for Their Sins
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Sons Die for Their Sins
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
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"Crucifixed" is another slow burning Sons of Anarchy episode, punctuated by moments of ultra violence. Its 90 minute run time works well, letting Machiavellian plots gradually unfurl. It's one of this season's strongest episodes in its gradual build to Jax and Clay's inevitable showdown.

Secrets Sometimes Do Make Friends!

Roosevelt informs Juice the secret's out about his snitching, and SAMCRO's rat spends the rest of the episode looking like he'll start crying any second. To his credit, Juice confronts this situation head-on and confesses everything to Jax. El Presidente presents Juice with a compromise: help bring down Clay or die. It's another illustration of Jax's soullessly effective leadership style.

Realizing his current lack of popularity, Clay takes steps towards protecting himself. He presents the Galindo Cartel bosses a modest proposal, namely whacking Jax and starting a new gun running crew from scratch. The Cartel makes a counter offer. Jax will die, but Clay resumes leading the Sons. The look on Clay's face when he hears this is perfect. Suddenly, his presidential ambitions don't seem as important. 

Tig's Timebomb Starts Ticking

Add another name to Sons of Anarchy's "Dead Man Walking List." Pope reminds Jax of their arrangement, namely Tig needing some death in his life. Pope's assured soon as Clay shuffles off his mortal coil, Tig will follow suit. Dominoes continue lining up, and something has to knock them over soon. There's going to be one lonely table at the MC's clubhouse.

Sentenced to Death

In other murder related news, Opie's killer gets released from prison. A lethal welcome home party courtesy of the Sons is delayed by the Grim Bastards, who are protecting him. They're long-time friends of SAMCRO, so Jax assures MC leader TO they'll just talk it out with the pipe layer. Surprise! They actually kill the guy. More and more of Jax's choices are influenced by rage, rather than the club's interests.  

Deliver Us Some Evil

So why is the episode titled "Crucifixed," anyways? Well, Otto's found Jesus in prison. Convincing Tara he'll drop his testimony against the Sons in exchange for Luann's old crucifix, she brings it to him. It's not like every prison movie shows how giving inmates contraband is an incredibly stupid idea. Otto stabs a nurse to death in front of Tara. Feds now have to drop his testimony, but Tara's possibly implicated in this murder. If her role in this gets found out, Jax's wife could be off to the big house.

I really appreciated how Sons of Anarchy didn't rush this episode's complex plot. Everything proceeds at a natural pace, though occasionally lagging at times. What I'm excited to see is how Jax will handle his crew after Clay's elimination. Will he cast aside Juice after he's served his purpose? What could happen if Tara goes inside? Comment and let us know, and keep up with Sons of Anarchy's latest news using BuddyTV's free app!

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