BuddyTV Fan Popularity Rankings - Jan. 1-7
The first week of the year is always full of television anticipation. Everyone's favorite shows are returning or preparing to do so. The big mid-season programs are just around the corner and viewers are patiently awaiting their premieres. Our Fan Popularity Rankings for last week are entirely indicative of the viewers' state of mind. Less than half of the shows on our FPR top ten had original episodes during the week. This further proves that interest in the high level shows is sustained even when they're off the air. Although the Nielsen Ratings are a great barometer for pure ratings numbers, we feel the FPR does a better job of ranking TV shows based on the rabidness of their fans. For instance, although CSI may have an extremely high number of viewers, its fans aren't out there searching the internet or buying the DVDs. Last week's rankings are after the jump.
America's Next Top Model is the surprising number one show, sustaining its popularity weeks after its season finale. This can be chalked up to both excitement over next season, which should start in March, and fans wanting information on what their favorite models are doing now. Our exclusive interview with last season's winner CariDee English certainly didn't hurt. Lost is always an online juggernaut and, even with its premiere a month away, fans continue to speculate and discuss their favorite show. American Idol's premiere is Tuesday, and the amped-publicity blitz from FOX has ensured that we'll be inundated with all things Idol until the season finale. It will be number one on this list by the end of January and will likely stay there for many subsequent weeks. Beauty and the Geek is an interesting inclusion on the list. It's more of a cult hit, well-reviewed and immensely enjoyable. The premiere occurred during this week and it's clear that viewers wanted to get to know the cast of the show better, via the internet. Grey's Anatomy, although airing no new episodes during the ranking week, is still the most watched show in the country, especially in key, internet-surfing demographics. The news that The OC will not be renewed after this year has given the show some publicity, but probably not the kind they want. 24 is in the same boat as American Idol, and the anticipation level for the new season, premiering tomorrow, is remarkably high. The Duel, in the middle of its season, is one MTV's biggest hits, whose competitors have large online fan followings. Prison Break and Heroes rankings will increase once original episode begin airing. A majority of these ten shows will, more or less, be present on these rankings for the remainder of the season. It's always an interesting peak into the psyche of our readers. We'll have new FPR rankings with analysis next week. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer