'Teen Wolf' Interview: Crystal Reed and Holland Roden Talk Musical Abilities and Allison and Isaac
'Teen Wolf' Interview: Crystal Reed and Holland Roden Talk Musical Abilities and Allison and Isaac
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Things haven't been going swimmingly for the Teen Wolf ladies this season. Allison and Scott have called it quits and she's got more family drama than ever. And tonight we'll finally, finally find out just what exactly is up with Lydia. 

At San Diego Comic Con, BuddyTV was there to ask what's next for Allison and Lydia as Teen Wolf wraps up the first part of it's third season.

First up is the beautiful Crystal Reed talking about Allison's journey this season, her connection with Scott, and her archery knowledge: 

Some highlights from the interview:

  • Allison is going to form an interesting relationship with Isaac, which they might initially deny.
  • Crystal is looking forward to having the chance to play some comedy, since Allison can tend to be a serious character. 
  • At the end of this first half of season 3 we'll see Allison start to take the reigns in the family.
  • The boys joke around and have their bromances but the cast is so fun and the girls hold their own.
  • Crystal says she does a lot of her own stunts, which she loves.
  • Allison gets a new gun and is shooting at something really interesting...which she can't tell us about.
  • We'll be seeing Allison's mom again through her imagination. 
  • She took archery classes in order to make sure Allison's fighting looked authentic. 
  • They did a lot of different versions of that scene in the closet between Scott and Allison. 
  • She thinks Scott and Allison should find themselves in other avenues before they come back together. 
Next up is the equally stunning Holland Roden, whose interview I only caught the tail end of. She was talking about finding out just what is up with Lydia and whether a Teen Wolf musical episode would ever be a good idea:

Some highlights from the interview:

  • She said she wasn't shocked by what Lydia is because she had already guessed it. 
  • She was just as shocked as the Comic Con audience to see the scene of Lydia and Stiles kissing in the trailer since it wasn't in the version she had previously seen.
  • Will there ever be a Teen Wolf musical? If there is Lydia won't be the star. Holland says she can carry a tune but that's about it. 
  • Holland and Crystal sing Disney tunes and scare the extras. Crystal has a really serious baritone. 
  • They also like to free style rap...but they're not very good.
  • She really doesn't like heels and if it was up to her Lydia would always be in flats. 

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