Love Doctor Jason Mesnick Picks the Best Relationships of 2009
2009 is coming to an end and there are a great deal of things to talk about. Here at BuddyTV, our resident Love Doctor, Jason Mesnick, wanted to give his input on the year. Of course, Jason's outlook is always focused on love and relationships. This week, BuddyTV's Love Doctor wanted to share the three couples he thinks were most inspiring this year. Granted, Jason's requirements are a bit different from everyone else, but that's because he has the innate ability to see true love at work.

So, give it a watch an let us know if you agree with our expert. Is Jason way off-base? Can you see where he's coming from? Will you start to use Vazfron in your day-to-day? Comment below to let the Love Doctor know what you think.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist