'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.24 "I Am Sylar" (Page 1/3)
'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.24 "I Am Sylar" (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last time on Heroes: The Bennets and Petrellis saw Sylar on TV acting as Senator Nathan Petrelli, hoping to meet with the President. Tonight: 18 hours earlier.

In Washington D.C.: Agent Taub (the identity Danko told Sylar to assume) wakes up and looks in the mirror. "Why does this keep happening?" he asks. It's Sylar. He changes back into himself, reaches into his mouth and pulls out a tooth. "Who are you?" he asks the mirror.

Matt is on a payphone with Janice. He puts Matt Jr. on the phone for a second, and then he says he'll get the baby back as soon as he can. He tells Janice its good to hear her voice, and she thanks him.

Hiro and Ando come over and ask how it went, and Matt says he is just happy she's talking to him at all. He has a plan to return the baby. Hiro and Ando try to give marriage advice, and then ask him to help them take down Danko. He says no; it's too dangerous, and he doesn't want to miss out on the kid's childhood. Matt gets in the car and drives off with Matt Jr. They wave goodbye. Ando says maybe Matt is right, and Hiro insists they can't concede defeat.

In a park, Danko approaches Sylar and says one of his analysts saw "Sylar" on a surveillance camera, but we all know Sylar is dead... except for Sylar. Sylar says he feels like he is losing himself, and he's shifting so much that his DNA is coming together incorrectly, hence the extra tooth. "Agent Taub is a nothing," he says, and he doesn't want to be nothing. Danko tells him that Agent Taub can come and go, but Sylar will be hunted. He gets up. Sylar says, "Wait." He shifts to Taub. "Good. See you at work." Danko leaves. He rolls up his sleeve and uses his incision power to write "I AM SYLAR" in his arm, then watches it heal.

Tom Miller, Richmond Virginia: A man is drinking tea when his phone rings. He looks at the phone and then turns around, and Sylar is on the couch. Tom has an ability, and Sylar says he is "a rebel" who can help. He convinces him to show the power. Tom takes down a figurine from his house. He puts it on the table, stands back, and concentrates. Then he snaps. The figurine disintegrates. "That looks like fun," Sylar says. "Fun? Are you crazy?" Tom asks. Sylar says the agents are coming, and Tom needs to pick. Tom picks Sylar, whom he thinks will help him. Sylar cuts open his brain. Cut to Danko and his agents storming in. They find the dead man, and see "I AM SYLAR" written in blood on the wall. Agent Taub looks at Danko: "Geez, would ya look at that? Guy's got some ego."

In Danko's office, Sylar gives him Tom's cellphone with a text from Rebel, who is in D.C. Danko tells Sylar he needs his help to take him down, but he needs to play dead. Danko says he knows what it's like to feel like you're losing yourself, but Sylar needs to find an anchor to survive this identity crisis. Danko pulls out his father's pocket watch. Sylar asks to see it, and holds it to his ear. He names its origin and tells him it's running three minutes fast. That's the only power that was ever truly his, Sylar tells Danko.

Hiro wants to get Ando captured to lead them to Building 26. They enter Isaac's loft, which has censors that will lead agents to them. He wants Ando to be the bait, and Hiro will rescue him. Ando insists that he's a superhero too, and he has a superhero name: Crimson Arc. Hiro calls it "dangerous yet ladylike." They fight about how Hiro isn't comfortable with Ando being an equal when agents run in and they dive for cover as Hiro freezes time. He looks around, and Ando gets up too. They were touching, so he didn't get frozen. "This means I don't have to be bait!" he says.

An officer comes to Agent Taub's door with police evidence of the unsolved murder of Virginia Gray. He slams the door on the police officer, goes inside and opens the boxes. Sylar holds up one of her sweaters and smells it. He holds up the scissors that he stabbed into her chest, and a snow globe of the Eiffel Tower. He throws it against the wall, smashing it. She picks it up and says it was her favorite. He looks at another, and then they talk, mother to son. He asks why she lied to him about his real mother, and she says she was his mother, and she wanted to protect him from the truth. He says he never felt like he fit in. He tells her he went to see his real father, who was alone and pathetic. He didn't want to become that way, so he took this shapeshifting power, and now he can be anyone. "So tell me, Mom, why do I feel so lost?" "You're not lost," she tells him, "You're my son. I loved you. I wanted you right from the start. I saw how special you were." He says he killed her. She says, then there was no one left to love him anymore, but "now I'm back." Someone knocks on his door, and Sylar changes out of his mother's form, back to himself. He opens the door. It's Danko, who tells him they found Rebel, and he should tell Taub to join them.

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