Heroes: Episode 2.5 "Fight or Flight" Afterthoughts
Heroes: Episode 2.5 "Fight or Flight" Afterthoughts
If you've been satisfied with Heroes second season so far, yesterday's episode “Fight or Flight” was nothing but a continuation of a good run.  If you were, however, among those that were still caught in funk that curtailed Heroes moment in the sun after last seasons less than satisfying finale, you probably saw what I saw last night:  Heroes is back. 

I've been waiting since the beginning of the second season for Heroes to strike that chord that seemed to cement its place in geek history last year, and the fact that it was so slow coming, or not resonant enough to last, was beginning to worry me.   Yes, Peter's story line is awesome.  Of course the two fathers bit is astonishingly well done. And what self respecting geek didn't burst with anticipation when the Haitian returned to help HRG bring down the remnants of the Company.

All of these perfectly acceptable ‘moments' aside, Heroes has yet to achieve the gloriously syncopated dance between mystery, revelation, and plot motivation.   For the most part, despite its moments of brilliance, the second season has been an expository mess, until last night.

“Fight or Flight” established several new threads that we, as viewers, can revel in short term resolutions to.  Who is Elle's father?  Does Elle work for the” Company, or another entity?  What was Matt's father getting to when he suggested that the powers are just the beginning?  Peter having given his destiny over to his own precognition will lead him where?

Moreover, let's talk about the cool chemistry between Greg Grunberg and Adrian Pasdar for a minute. Just a taste of that dynamic duo left me screaming for more.  Perhaps not quite on the level of Pasdar's infamous scenes with Hiro from last year, but delightful nonetheless.

There is definitely a sweet spot for the Heroes formula, and it was definitely hit last night.  Maybe it was the balance, maybe it was some indiscernible X-Factor, but either way you look at it, Heroes is back.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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