Heroes: Episode 2.6 "The Line" Recap
Heroes: Episode 2.6 "The Line" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Previously on Heroes: Peter painted Montreal, Caitlin's brother was Elle-ctrocuted, Hiro prepared to dine in Hell with White Beard's entire army while Ando read about it, Parkman and Nathan had an unfortunate run-in with Papa Parkman, aka the Nightmare Man who put Molly in a coma, Angela Petrelli took the fall for Kaito's murder to avoid being the next member of the Group of 12 to be killed, Mohinder picked up newly empowered Monica in New Orleans, Niki sought a cure from the Company, HRG and the Haitian took a trip to the Ukraine, West and Claire canoodled, and Sylar was stuck in a car with the Honduran Wonder Twins. Please, Tim Kring, start killing off a lot of characters, because there are way too many right now.

On tonight's all new Heroes, plenty of those storylines persist as we travel to five countries in three languages and two centuries.  It's like The Amazing Race, although the teams are so spread out they rarely if ever intersect.

Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) comforts Caitlin about her dead brother, and then he vows to go to Montreal to find the girl who did this.  Caitlin accompanies him so she can "kill the bitch."  Sorry honey, but I'll spot you a flamethrower and 17 uzis and I still pick Veronica Mars to wipe the floor with your potato-eating ass.

In the endless car ride to the United States, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is oozing creepiness in his worship of Maya (Dania Ramirez).  Alejandro still doesn't trust him.  Quinto is rocking the black tank top, Justin Chambers-style.  They finally cross over the border, and immediately get taken into custody by the police.  Sylar tells Maya to go Black Eyes, and she does, but either she controls it to avoid killing him, or Sylar has some residual power to become more resistant to the Black Eyes.  When they get to safety, Alejandro beats up Sylar because he doesn't like when his sister becomes a killer.  Maya stands up for Sylar, and then he goes to have a one-on-one with the non-English speaking Alejandro.  Sylar tells him, point blank, that when he gets his powers back, he'll kill both the twins and take their powers, and if not, he'll still take in Maya because she's a shiny new toy.

Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is finally fulfilling his role as Professor X to young Monica (Dana Davis), studying her powers.  Bob wants him to inject her with a variant of the virus to stop her abilities, which is for the greater good to stop people with uncontrollable powers.  He has his doubts and calls HRG (Jack Coleman), who tells Mohinder to just do it for the greater good, which to HRG means stopping the Company.  But which is the greatest good?  Mohinder refuses, destroying the virus vials before taking Molly out of the Company.

Before he does, Bob promises to introduce Mohinder to someone who can help, and they mention a file Mohinder saw earlier labeled "Adam Monroe."  This season seems heavily ties into the Heroes Mobile Game, as Monroe was revealed there to be one of the founders of the Company, alongside the other members of the Group of 12.  Looks like we've discovered one of those five as yet unknown people in the photograph.  But sadly, he is not the one who can help.  Instead, Mohinder is teamed up with a partner...Niki (Ali Larter).  Now that is an interesting pairing.

HRG, meanwhile, is visiting an old friend in the Ukraine named Ivan.  By visit, I mean knock out, tie up and threaten him with the Haitian extraction of cherished memories unless the old man tells him about Isaac Mendez' series of eight paintings.  In the middle of his interrogation, he gets a call from Claire, and both father and daughter lie a whole lot about where they are and what they're doing.  Ivan tries to make a deal to bring HRG back to the Company in exchange for the painting information.  When HRG threatens to delete the memories of Ivan's dead daughter, the Ukrainian tells him where to find the remaining paintings.  Rather than wipe his memory, HRG knows that the memory loss would trace back to him.  Instead, he makes it look like a robbery, then shoots and kills Ivan.  I do love it when HRG gets all bad ass.

Claire (Hayden Panettiere) tries out for cheerleading, but the uber-beeyotch team captain Debbie says no, because Claire is not extraordinary.  Seriously, why is this show wasting airtime with such a petty, insignificant story?  West suggests she get even with Debbie.  That night, Claire seeks out the captain, who's drunk and drawing derogatory things on the potential cheerleaders' foreheads.  Claire's little trick involves having West swoop down, fly her up in the air, then drop her right in front of Debbie,  The cheerleader freaks out as West flies over to catch her as well.  Um, that's really, really messed up.  The cops show up and bust Debbie for underage drinking as she goes on about the flying masked man and a dead Claire.  In the end, Debbie is arrested and Claire makes the team.

Ando's (James Kyson Lee) helper has fixed the final parchments, and he eagerly awaits hearing what happens to Hiro (Masi Oka) in his battle against White Beard's army.  That makes one of us.  Hiro is still hopelessly in love with Yaeko, but he knows that Kensei (David Anders) must win her in the end.  First Russian and Spanish subtitles, now Japanese?  If I wanted to read...I'll never want to read.  Kudos to any commenter who identifies what that last sentence is an allusion to. Hiro and Kensei attack, and when a gun is fired at Yaeko, Hiro uses his teleportation power to get her to safety.

She is, naturally, confused, but she quickly puts it all together.  Yaeko asks if he loves her, and Hiro says yes, and when she goes in for the kiss, he freezes time.  He debates the fact that kissing her would fracture the space/time continuum, then ignores that concern and kisses her.  Kensei watches, and that's where the scroll story ends.  Ando is impatient to know what happened after space/time was fractured.  Um, my guess is that it's not good.  Back in time, we see Kensei confront Hiro about kissing Yaeko.  When it looks like it's all good, Hiro turns his back and gets brained.  Kensei turns him over to a group of White Beard's men who offer Kensei anything he wants.

In the end, HRG finds the paintings, and I definitely made out a hand holding a vial (likely of the Shanti virus), Hiro and Kensei going to battle, a scared girl who I think is Elle, and possibly Peter going crazy electric.  Aside from dead Kaito and HRG, that leaves two others that I couldn't make out.  Meanwhile, Peter is in Montreal and inside, finds a note for him about how bad the Company is and how "the world is in danger."  It's from someone named Adam *the Monroe is left out, but of course it has to be him).  Then he hugs Caitlin, and they do the Hiro time shift into the future.  They're in an abandoned New York City.  Peter picks up a piece of paper that tells him about a mandatory evacuation due to a biohazard.  The date is June 14, 2008.  So I guess the virus and/or Maya have something to do with the Heroes Big Bad this season.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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