Dana Davis Talks About Her Powers on 'Heroes'
Dana Davis Talks About Her Powers on 'Heroes'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Some characters on Heroes resent having powers.  Instead of deeming it as a blessing, they consider it a curse that alienates them from other people.  But for Monica Dawson, one of the latest additions to the show's second season, she simply enjoys her photographic reflexes.  That's because producers of the show wanted to bring back an enthusiastic presence on the series, similar to that of Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka), who eagerly accepted his power when he learned about his ability to control the space-time continuum in season 1 and shouldered the responsibility to use his powers for good.

“In the beginning, the producer sat down with me and they said, ‘Dana, most of the heroes on the show are burdened by their powers and we want to bring back the excitement, like with Hiro, in the beginning, who was so excited about his powers.'  They wanted to bring that back a little bit with Monica, which is refreshing and fun. I'm really excited to play somebody who is excited about their power,” Dana Davis, who plays Monica Dawson on Heroes, told MediaBlvd Magazine in an interview.

Monica was introduced to the show as the first cousin of Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey), and niece of D. L. Hawkins (Leonard Roberts).  She lives in New Orleans with her grandmother, Nana Dawson (Nichelle Nichols), who has taken on the responsibility of looking out for Monica and her younger brother Damon following the death of their mother who was killed during the devastation of hurricane Katrina.

As a young woman with a newfound special ability to copy whatever she sees, Monica is described as an “extremely kind hero” who would give up everything to help the people around her.

Though Davis reveals that hero's powers have a way of evolving throughout the season, her powers are presently limited to replicating any physical motion she witnesses without having to practice it.  Nevertheless, fans can expect to see her in some fierce action scenes.  She even hints on what's in store for her character's future.

“Monica gets pretty tough.  As far as whether she will be with any other heroes in some cool fights, we can only hope.  I really can't say right now.  But, I can say that you will see a lot of her fighting.  It gets pretty exciting… Monica is going to go to a place that no hero has gone before.  It's going to be really fun to see her story unfold because it's something that's not been done on Heroes yet.  It'll be very fun.  I wish I could say.  We're sworn to secrecy.  Sometimes spoilers get out, but we try to keep as much secret as possible,” she said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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