Top Five 'What the Heck' Moments From Last Night's 'Hell's Kitchen'
Top Five 'What the Heck' Moments From Last Night's 'Hell's Kitchen'
Over eight seasons, we're all pretty used to seeing moments on Hell's Kitchen that made us go, huh? But last night there were quite a few fake-outs, wrong moves and plain old batty behavior. So here's a look at the Top Five "What the Heck?" Moments from episodes 9 and 10. 
5. Vinny and the Lamb

Forgetting an order is bad enough, but when it's the meal for a celebrity guest chef, that's enough to get a guy fired. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Vinny did what any good chef would do, he tried to serve the lamb raw. Yes, a lot of food goes to pass still raw, but Vinny cut these chops, saw the plainly uncooked meat then covered it with foil and sent it up. The look on his face made it clear that he was hoping for a miracle. But the patron saint of cooks turned him down which gave Ramsay a chance to utter one of the best lines of the night, "It's still walking!"

Honorable mention goes to celebrity guest Josiah Citrin who cackled with delight over the screaming. "Love it! Get 'em, chef." Geez, this is a chef eat chef world.

4. Chicken or Beef?

In the first episode of the night, the chefs had to put their palate to the test by identifying four items each by taste alone. I understand mixing up a firm pear with an apple. I can see how chewy mussels might seem like octopus. But how in the world can you not tell beef from chicken? When given filet mignon, both Sabrina and Rob said chicken. Both of them! I know it's harder than it looks to id food that you can't see, but come on. . .

3. Rob, Can I See You in the Dining Room?

After messing up on the fish station time and again, Ramsay stopped yelling. That might seem like a blessing but when he lowers his voice and starts speaking softly, you know you're in big, big trouble. Ramsay stepped out into the dining room and beckoned Rob to follow him. It looked like he was going to make him apologize to the guests. Trev thought he was getting thrown out of the building but no. "You've got five minutes to wake up." Ramsay very nearly whispers the words in his ear then sends him back to the line. What the heck? You couldn't have said that in the kitchen? Didn't want the other chefs to hear? Huh?

As if that wasn't perplexing enough, Russell made one mistake and was ejected from the kitchen! How does that make sense? It doesn't.

2. The Hot Tub

Hell's Kitchen is stressful, so it's understandable when the chefs unwind with a soak and a glass of wine. (Though how chefs can smoke and still taste their own food is beyond me.) But when you're this close to winning a job with a quarter of a million dollar salary, getting drunk in a hot tub with your competition doesn't seem like a smart move.

After planning a brand new menu for the next night's service, Trev and Vinny hopped into the tub with beers and wine. By the time Russell came to berate them at two in the morning, they were wasted. Smart move from the team that can't win a challenge. But the real 'what the heck' moment came when it was time to get up. Then the producers favored us with a truly gross shot of Trev wearing nothing but underwear, stretching out like some creature from The X-Files. Yikes!

1. Sabrina

Yes, Sabrina is our number one 'what the heck' moment. How is this girl still in the competition? Okay, she can cook, but the prize isn't a line cook position or even a private chef. The prize is the head chef position at a huge, new restaurant. Not even considering her actual age, Sabrina is the most immature contestant left standing. Just look at her response to Vinny's elimination. She skipped and hopped and gloated like a third grader who just got the last spot on the kickball team. This is not the behavior of a top chef. . . . wait. .  Josiah Citrin laughing about the screaming coming from the kitchen. . . maybe she's not so far off the mark?

Do you have a favorite "what the heck?" moment from these or any episode of Hell's Kitchen. We'd love to hear about it.

CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX