Robert Leaves 'Hell's Kitchen' Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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If Robert eventually won Hell's Kitchen, that would be something. But alas, that won't be anymore as the 30-year-old returnee from last season was given the boon on tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen primarily because he served raw food despite the experience and perhaps because of his persistent health problems. In season 5, Robert was one of the final five contestants before having to withdraw due to pericarditis.

Elsewhere on the Hell's Kitchen episode, the blue team was kind of feeling that they might just do a better job without Robert, who was rushed to the hospital last week. For the first challenge, Chef Gordon Ramsay had each team rolling a dice with letters on 12 sides, and they had to choose an ingredient that starts with the letter that they roll.

Suzanne ended up with R and picked - rabbit. The red team eventually had rabbit, green beans, potatoes, garlic, and ham hock. Andy then rolled an H and chose haddock and, soon, figs, angel hair pasta, apples, and tomatoes. You couldn't really help but laugh when you think about these ingredients. After the challenge, though, the blue team won (thanks to the nice use of figs on the tomato sauce and angel hair pasta), because the red team overdid it with the garlic.

For their reward, the blue team went on a ride around Vegas and stayed in a high class suite for a night. The red team, meanwhile, was stuck with the delivery job, including a very annoying 1:30 am wakeup call to unload deliveries. When the blue team arrived from Vegas, though, surprise! It's Robert! And no one seemed particularly ecstatic to see him.

For the dinner service, a special chef's table with executive chefs from Ramsay's New York and Los Angeles restaurants. What followed was not particularly stellar. Too much salt, plastic in dishes, and a pissed Ramsay.

Eventually, Robert was shown the door despite his constant attacks on Andy who, in his own words, was always screwing around. Yet the final words come from Chef Ramsay: "Robert's closing plea was quite entertaining. But I'm not looking for a performer, I'm looking for a Head Chef."

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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