Prom Night in Hell('s Kitchen)
Prom Night in Hell('s Kitchen)
As we've seen in dozens of horror movies, prom night can be hell so I can't imagine why Beverly Hills High School decided to tempt fate by having their big night in Hell's Kitchen! It was one of the most inappropriately abusive episodes to date, and I say at least one contestant owes the viewing audience a big apology.

For this week's challenge, the teams had to prepare one appetizer and two entrees to present to the prom committee from Beverly Hills High. Before cooking, the teams had a chance to quiz the threesome by webcam and were blown away by the teens' choice of foods. It seemed like the chefs were expecting hamburgers and cole slaw on the menu, but these kids were talking seared tuna, sushi and filet mignon. Then, through the magic of television, the prom committee arrived to taste and judge the dishes.

I don't know how they tasted, but all six of the dishes were horrendous looking on the plate. The girls had a crab cake against burned tuna. Easy point to the red team. Next was tuna tartar over steak vs. a dry halibut swimming in liquid. Both disgusting but the lesser of the evils was the steak because at least you could scrape off the tuna and enjoy the meat. Point to the girls and the last two dishes were moot. The girls got a day at Knotts Berry Farm, which seems like a cheap reward compared to a helicopter ride to wine country or a day at the spa. The guys had to decorate Hell's Kitchen for the dance and it was ugly. Not the decorations, just the mood.

If You Can't Say Anything Nice ...

Prior to their loss, Vinny kept making rude comments about the teens because they didn't like the blue team's food. Time and again, his inappropriate, bleeped remarks kept ribboning their way across the bottom of the screen. Rude and reeking of bad sportsmanship, at least he didn't say those things to the kids.

Russell was another story. He blew up at the teens blasting them with foul language and shouting about how this wasn't a game. Up until that point, as far as we saw anyway, the teens were treating the guys fairly. They lost the challenge, and they were given a punishment job. It wasn't supposed to be fun, but it certainly wasn't the worst thing losers have had to do in Hell's Kitchen. These kids wanted the place to look nice and everything they asked for was in line and reasonable. Any respect I had for Russell went down the drain with his tirade. You lost. Take it like a man. Learn from it and show that you're better than the others by making the best of it. TV show or not, I felt bad for those teens who had to take that abuse. Call them spoiled rich kids because they're from Beverly Hills, but the truth is, their behavior was far more adult than that of Russell and Vinny.

When it came time for dinner service, Russell put his anger to good use and whipped his team into a win, no thanks to Boris. On the other side of the kitchen, Melissa cooked her goose by preparing 23 steaks at one time when they were still on appetizers. That's a weird mistake for her, can't imagine what went through her mind. While Ramsay was berating her, Nona tried to speak (I think she was just trying to get back to service), and Ramsay went after her for that slip. Both teams actually finished the dinner service, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been and the teens seemed to enjoy the food and the dance.

At the end, Ramsay dubbed Sabrina the lesser of the evils and asked her to nominate two to go home. The guys tried to get her to put Gail up, which would have been a mistake; Ramsay would have seen through that ploy right away. She put up Melissa and clueless Emily who noted, "I can't see my face when I cook." Really? Well let me assure you, you're not missing anything, as usually it's devoid of any emotion or spark.

After calling out Nona and giving her a heart attack, Ramsay sent Emily home. It's now even on both sides, five guys, five girls and not an executive chef in the bunch. Is it too late to send them all home and start over?

Tomorrow I'll take a look at the comedy of errors that followed this mess. I hear it involves seven pounds of scallops and a trash can. Yes, I need a break before I can even talk about that.

In the meantime, chat amongst yourselves. Do you think Russell was way out of line or is that just acceptable behavior in Hell's Kitchen?

(Image courtesy of Patrick Wymore/FOX)