Highs and Lows This Week for Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay

Sometimes the fates smile upon a demi-celebrity, and news-making events in their lives happily coincide with the timing for an upcoming project.

This would certainly seem to be one of those times for the featured chef on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay.  The third season of the Fox Network cooking competition will be beginning on Monday, June 4th.  And this week brought a few newsworthy items, conveniently getting his name into the news during the pre-show build-up. 

However, even though they say no publicity is bad publicity, one event he could probably do without.

Why?  Because it involved one ton of horse manure.

The manure was deposited on the pavement outside Ramsay's London restaurant Claridge's by the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treament of Animals (PETA).  The spectacle was made complete by the presence of protestors in horse costumes.

Their complaint: Ramsay's UK food show, called The F-Word, recently featured a show on horse meat, exploring the possibility it could become a viable alternative to red meat within countries like Great Britain, which have not traditionally eaten horse.  The show included horse meat taste tests and a trip to rural France where horse meat is becoming more commonly eaten.

PETA, however, sees this as a "gimmick" in order to boost ratings and wonders "Will the family dog be next?" 

No word on who was ultimately held responsible for cleaning up the stinky protest, but no doubt it's an event Ramsay would soon like to put behind him.  It might, however, have brought some joy to some of the Hell's Kitchen contestants who have been on the receiving end of his infamous verbal abuse.

Ramsay does have at least one happier event this week.  He also announced that he has sold the rights to his lifestory and it will be made into a film called Humble Pie.  He says the film will be along the lines of "Billy Elliot. From a potentially talented football player [he] became a chef against [his] dad's wishes."

Heartwarming, for sure, but one wonders if the audience that watches him for his vein-popping fits of rage on Hell's Kitchen really wants to know the hard-scrabble story behind the man.  The film is currently expected to release in 2009.

And if you can't wait until then for more Gordon Ramsay, tune in to the Fox Network June 4th at 9/8 PM.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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