'Hell's Kitchen': Two Chefs Down
'Hell's Kitchen': Two Chefs Down
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
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On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, the sous chefs woke up the chefs with a very loud alarm at 5am. When they got to the kitchen, they were told there would be a challenge.

Eggs Four Ways

Chef Ramsay told them they would divide into teams of two and make eggs, four ways: poached, soft boiled, scrambled and sunny side up. Siobhan was told she would be on her own.

Autumn decided to "help" Siobhan by doing three of her eggs for her. So Siobhan made an extra poached egg for Autumn. Unfortunately, Chef wanted them to do their own work and disqualified all of the eggs made for someone else.

Because four of the red team's eggs were made perfectly, but disqualified, the blue team won the challenge. The guys got to go on a cool helicopter tour of Los Angeles and eat lunch with Chef Ramsay.

The women had to unload a gigantic tuna from a truck, then prepare it for that night's dinner service. Chef added tuna tartar to be served tableside that night.

Dinner Service Got Heated


After multiple screw-ups by both teams, they did all manage to complete the dinner service. Andrew started talking to the garnishes and made watery mashed potatoes. When Chef threw a fit about it, Andrew walked out of the competition during dinner service. It looks like he won't be back.

Chef told them there was no winning team and that both teams should nominate someone.


First They're Nominated, Then They're Not

The red team nominated Autumn, the blue team nominated Jason. Chef sent Autumn back to the group and brought up Jaime. He sent Jason back to the group and brought up Mikey. Mikey was kicked out of Hell's Kitchen. And he was the one that had the tattoo of the logo. What a disappointment.

What did you think of the night's service? Do you think the right person was sent home from Hell's Kitchen? Who do you think is looking strong so far? Let us know!

And be sure to check back here tomorrow for the 10 Most Outrageous Hell's Kitchen Moments from tonight's episode.

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