'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Ramsay's Out, Paris Hilton is In
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Ramsay's Out, Paris Hilton is In
After this many weeks of cooking nearly the exact same food every week in Hell's Kitchen, you'd figure these chefs would have it down to a science. More like weird science. Trev can't grill a steak, Jillian can't brown a scallop and Nona can't cook spaghetti. Of course, if everything went right, they wouldn't have much of an episode would they? And shouldn't they have taken turns running the pass by now? No wonder Ramsay walked out of his own kitchen. 
It all began with a lunch challenge that seemed like it was going to be held at LA Market but ended up being based out of a lunch truck. Each chef had a truck and one hour to prepare eighty portions of a lunch worthy of LA lawyers and agents. We're supposed to believe they all went off the cuff with what they found in the truck, but Russell made octopus and sure, that's a lunch truck staple.

Russell's decision ended up being a bad one with 61% of the diners calling it the worst dish of the bunch, but he actually had the right idea. The challenge was to create a lunch of LA movers and shakers. Trev made spaghetti and sausage with a red sauce that would destroy any expensive suit. Gail won with her steak salad and Nona came in a close second with a chicken and bacon salad sandwich and sweet potato fries. Gail's win was only 41% of the vote, so that's not saying much for her food, either. Her prize was a make-over from Jose Eber and that crazy stylist Cojo from Entertainment Tonight. The others had to clean the outside of Hell's Kitchen which certainly wasn't the worst job they'd ever had.

Before dinner service, Trev made it clear to the camera that he'd had enough. According to him, he's an excellent chef but he's being ignored. Honestly, I don't know when he developed such a caustic attitude because he wasn't nearly this bad at the beginning.

Gail, as the challenge winner, had a target on her back, but it wasn't necessary. She sank herself by falling into a daze when the orders started rolling in.


Service got off to a good start thanks to Russell who not only handled his appetizers but taught Jillian how to cook fish on the fly. Nona was also on apps and she was doing fine until Jillian overcooked the scallops for the third time, then her spaghetti was rushed and undercooked.

To add to the pressure, twelve Marines arrived and after that it was Paris Hilton who caused nearly as big a stir. But since the chefs can't get a table of four served properly, there's no way they're going to get the twelve right and two hours in Ramsay called it quits. This time, instead of shutting down the kitchen, he walked out with chef Scott in tow. The crowd reaction was quite amusing as they watch Ramsay storm past -- out the door, into the street and down the block he went.

Back in the kitchen, Russell took charge and tried to get the plates out but Trev overcooked his steaks so badly you could see how dry they were through the TV! To make matters worse, he tried to replace the badly cooked meat, with the same meat reheated fifteen minutes later!

Ramsay returned in a much better mood. He switched the stations and gave them all a warning. One mistake and you're out. Gail was the first to go after turning in raw salmon. Jillian joined her for disgusting raw eggs nestled in spinach. Trev, Nona and Russell finished the service and then it was time to choose who was going up for elimination.

Gail was an easy pick. She totally spaced out at service and it's clear that she can't handle the pressure of a busy kitchen. Trev was the next choice, though he, of course, thought it should be Jillian. In all fairness, she wasn't much better at service but at least she has a good attitude and that has to count for something.

Standing before Gordon Ramsay, Jillian was berated for her bad night, then, choosing between Trev and Gail, it was Gail who went home. Well, at least she went home rocking a Beverly Hills hair-do and sexy new clothes.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the final four and determine who, if anyone, if worthy of winning Hell's Kitchen.

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CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX