'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.9 (Page 1/3)
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.9 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last time on Hell’s Kitchen, two chef-testants went down in flames: Lacey got her jacket taken away in the middle of service when she couldn’t cook a Wellington, and LA’s lack of leadership cost her a chance at the grand prize.

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Tonight: We’re promised an epic meltdown—can’t wait!

But first, after last time’s elimination, Andrea confronts Carol about their differences. Giovanni tells them to work it out (whatever it is) before the next challenge. They can’t figure out how to get along. Paula says they’re digging their own graves and causing a problem for the team.

After a tense night, the chefs collect for the next challenge, and Danny hopes the downhearted Blue Man Group (and there's three of them! Wow, I'm clever.) can finally pull it out.

Ramsay collects the chefs, and has them name all their favorite chicken dishes— but then throws a curveball at them: they’re working with King Crab today—and the one he presents is massive! This time, Ramsay wants to test the chefs’ individual ability to create something special and showcase a sought-after ingredient. The chefs are to make one crab dish each, and then each team needs to reach a consensus and present 1 dish from each team. “This is a challenge you don’t want to lose,” Gordon says. They have 45 minutes.

Right off the bat, Bentensity is (of course) confident in his ability to present Ramsay with something amazing and suited to his particular pallet. After the 45 minutes, the teams deliberate. On the Blue side, Danny thinks his the best, but Robert and Ben want to go with Ben’s. On the Red side, Andrea wants her dish to go up, and she pushes for it. Paula is quiet and doesn’t want to step up for her dish, and even though the rest of the team thinks hers might be the best, they put up Andrea’s.

Andrea presents her dish for the Red team, and Ben for the Blue team. Andrea presents to crab legs crusted in macadamia nut, with asparagus. The presentation is lacking, and includes part of the shell. Ramsay is disgusted that she kept shell on the plate. He also calls the dish’s taste bland and disgusting. Uh oh. Next up is Ben. He over-explains his dish, and long, loooong story short, he presents asparagus and crab with a vanilla sauce. Ramsay says Ben’s dish doesn’t taste good, and for all his explanation, it lacks a “wow” factor. Gordon is not satisfied with these offerings at his altar, and asks for Paula and Danny’s dishes instead.  Paula brings up her crab in basil coconut broth, with the crab kept simple and clean. He calls it delicious. Next is Danny, and Ramsay also calls Danny’s dish delicious. Both dishes show off the crab and show creativity. He asks why these dishes didn’t come up first. (It’s a rhetorical question, because he can clearly see that the two bossiest chefs got their dishes up first).

It’s a tough decision, but Ramsay declares the Blue team the winners. The 3 guys are overjoyed, and they hug it out like men.

Next up: Prize and Punishmentt

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