'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.3 (Page 1/2)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last time on Hell's Kitchen: the Red team put weakest links Colleen and Lacey up for elimination, but both survived the chopping block when the injured Ji voluntarily rolled out of the kitchen with her chef's jacket, and Gordon Ramsay's respect. Now we're back with Episode Three, "14 Chefs Compete," and the "steaks" are high as Ramsay takes both teams on a beef challenge crazier than Mad Cow.

.Andrea laments the loss of Ji and tells Lacey that it's time for her to prove herself. Everyone leaves the smoking porch because Lacey won't stop yelling at them. The chef's went to bed at 3am and they were woken at 6am. No one will be in a good mood today.

They're whisked away to an undisclosed location and Scott asks them if they have a heart condition or if they're afraid of heights. They're then told to suit up and grab a barf bag. Enter the meat house. Chef Scott gives them a rundown of the cow.

Chef Ramsay tells them they need to know their meat. Ben claims he knows cow, which isn't a surprise. They must run up one at a time, identify eight cuts of meat laying on the table. Once they get every cut correct, they must then identify where each cut comes from on the model cows next to the table. The men finish the first round after two contestants (Ben and Giovanni) go through the cuts but the women are soon to follow.

Colleen has no idea which pieces go where, but manages to only get three wrong. Each team has three incorrect whe Seth claims he knows everything about meat. Really, he doesn't because he winds up screwing up the entire cow except for one label. Lacey's working with the 3 wrong. Robert only improves one placement. Each team has 6 wrong. Ben and Paula go head to head. Ben rings the bell first and wins for the men.

Chef Ramsay tells them that their performance were pathetic. As a punishment, the women have to butcher beef. The men get to go to Santa Inez for wine tasting and then they get to have dinner at a steakhouse. Not only that, but they get to fly a private jet.

Seth's excited for more “hang time” with chef Ramsay. Robert starts telling the girls that he gave up his wedding to be on Hell's Kitchen. He's wearing his wedding shoes in his nice outfit.

It takes 6 women to lug the cows into the kitchen. Lacey gets knocked over as they try to put down the first cow. She starts crying and it's kind of awesome. LA tells us she has cow fat in her hair and that's gag worthy. While the men get to eat perfect filets of meat at the steakhouse, the women are dining on some prime pieces of tongue, kidney, heart and liver. Andrea is puking a ton. Coi tells us that Andrea gave her the strength to keep going because of how much it was affecting Andrea. Then it cuts right away to Andrea laying into the team for not working together. The rant doesn't go long though because she starts puking again. The men return to find the women still butchering the cows.

Chef Ramsay announces that for tonight's dinner service, Hell's Kitchen will be a steakhouse. There will be two seatings: one team will cook while the other team serves and then they switch. Andrea tries to give her team a pep talk but it's kind of annoying. The men have chosen to cook first. The blue team dedicates their service to Robert, who was supposed to be married tonight.

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