'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.13 "Three Chefs Compete" (Page 1/3)
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.13 "Three Chefs Compete" (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last week on Hell's Kitchen: Bentensity got the boot after a bumbling dinner service. Because of scheduling conflicts, I didn't get to talk to Ben in my weekly interviews with the eliminated contestants, but take note, Hell's Kitchen fans: if you follow BuddyTV on Twitter, tonight after the episode you can send us your questions for the next eliminee, and I'll ask them tomorrow morning! How about that?

Who will it be? Well, 81% of BuddyTV Hell's Kitchen Fantasy TV players think Andrea will be the next eliminated. We're about to find out if they're right.

Okay, shameless-plug-time is over. It's time to see what fresh invectives the remaining three chefs will elicit from Gordon Ramsay. Hooray!

Immediately after Ben's elimination, Ramsay introduces some familiar faces: in the door come Danny's girlfriend and dad, Paula's sister and mother, and Andrea's mother and cousin. The chefs rush to their families, and there's a lot of hugging and crying. The families are only in Hell's Kitchen for about ten minutes! That seems a bit cruel. But each of them is refreshed and motivated by getting even just a little piece of home. Andrea and Paula jump for joy on their way up to the dorms.

The next morning, Ramsay congratulates the final three, and tells them their challenge: they will be serving lunch to 100 "distinguished" patrons, and each has 90 minutes to cook 100 portions of an upscale lunch dish. Danny is confident in his seafood and fruit dish. While the other two keep calm, Andrea runs around the kitchen like a maniac, and Danny and Paula both worry that she will crumble under the pressure. Ramsay too tells her, ten minutes to service time, that she's running behind. But with seconds to go, each of the chefs finishes their dishes, and the customers arrive: 100 chefs from some of the finest dining establishments in California. Paula "starts to panic juuust a little bit." Understatement alert.

To freak them out a bit more, Ramsay introduces the creme de la creme: the Michelin-starred and Zagat award winning chefs and owners among the 100, and lists off all of their individual awards. Paula, Andrea, and Danny are all sweating visible bullets. Danny says, "This is gonna be gnarly." We can only hope!

Andrea presents a chicken dish, Paula a sturgeon and salad, and Danny halibut with a peace salsa. The guests will sample each dish and vote for their most and least favorite. Danny, Paula and Andrea watch nervously as Ramsay collects and counts the votes.

Three fourths of the chefs thought one dish was the worst... and that dish belongs to Danny. Oh no! He's beyond embarrassed. He has to stand there in front of the best 100 chefs in California, knowing they hated his dish.
On to the best: Again, three fourths also thought one dish was the best... and that dish belongs to Paula! Everyone claps for the winner.

Up next: Prize and punishment.

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