Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 6.8 "9 Chefs Compete"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, we get to see one Hell's Kitchen staple: the blind taste-test challenge. Still on the haunt for the Head Chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, Canada, host Gordon Ramsay wants to make sure all the candidates' palates are up to par. The winner of the challenge will have a chance to dine with Chef Ramsay in the dark at an eatery where they can only rely only their senses of taste, smell, and touch. For the episode's dinner service, meanwhile, one team runs out of potatoes while the other team serves raw meat - uh oh.

On the last episode of the Fox cooking show, Robert finally bid goodbye from Hell's Kitchen. Fans were slightly divided with his elimination, some pointing out he was infinitely better last season, when he reached top 5. Some are even posing questions on whether or not it was right to bring him back in the first place (while mentioning that sweat dripping down his nose was indeed very unappetizing). You can't really argue with that one.

Elsewhere on that episode, with Robert gone because he was rushed to the hospital last episode, the boys thought they might do a better job with the challenge - rolling a dice, choose an ingredient that starts with the letter they get, and cooking something incorporating all the ingredients. The boys won, with their haddock, figs, angel hair pasta, apples, and tomatoes. Come service time, there was a special chef's table with executive chefs from Ramsay's New York and Los Angeles restaurants. As with almost all episodes prior, Ramsay was mighty pissed, but this time with good reason - plastic in some of the dishes.

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- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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