Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 5.10 "6 Chefs Compete"
Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 5.10 "6 Chefs Compete"
From FOX’s official press release:

Tensions run high as the remaining chefs join forces to form one team. During the individual challenge, each chef must use fourteen simple ingredients to create a phenomenal dish to impress Chef Ramsay. The winner receives the "best reward" seen in Hell’s Kitchen thus far, while the losers endure a painful physical punishment. In order to personally outshine the other competitors, chefs must work well as teammates during the heated dinner service that sends one chef to the medic. Tune-in to see who Chef Ramsay sends packing.
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The six remaining chefs are:

Andrea Heinly, 30, a line cook from Reading, PA
Ben Walanka, 26, an executive sous chef from Chicago, IL
Danny Veltri, 23, an executive chef from Edgewater, FL
Giovanni Filipponi, 37, an executive chef from Destin, FL
Paula Dasilva, 28, an executive sous chef from Coconut Creek, FL
Robert Hesse, 29, a sous chef from Quogue, NY

Source: FOX
(Image courtesy of FOX)

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